#2 Bisous postcard from Caen, France

Abbey of Sant-Etienne – Caen, France

Yay. My second postcards which I received couple months ago from……. the cutest and lovely guy on Earth! Hahaha. Who else’s? My beloved boyfriend (blushing).

The Abbey of Sant-Etienne now becoming as Houses of the City Council of Caen, Normandy. He had a chance to visit Caen, the capital city of Northern France in Normandy region, to attend one of the conferences in there. So he spent to send me the postcard from there! Terima kasiiiih sayang… 

And yes, since his first postcard, I think he will still keep to send me other postcards from other cities in France to complete my postcards collection! Yayy!

Sent by. Igor Girault
 And on his second postcards above, he started to learn Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language) and for being honest, he is a fast learner, not only with his profession but also to learn a new language! That is why I always proud of him 🙂

#1 a postcard from Dijon, France

Liberation Place – Dijon, France

Well, this is the first postcard which I received from someone who I never expected could be someone which very important for me now. Before I met him, I never know there is a city in France, which called Dijon. But since he lived and studying there, so I was Googled which part of France it is. Therefore, he sent me many pictures from Dijon and in general, for me, the city centre actually very similar and very typically like other cities in France.

But still, I love France.

This is actually the beginning of our love story which just started and still counting till I am writing this blog post and hopefully till death do us part.

Sent by: Igor Girault


Ps. Dear sayang, I know you read this post, thank you for being very patiently with me and always be there for me whenever I need you. Thank you for being my eternal happiness! Yours truly =)

Let’s travel the world with postcards!

Post cards as a wall... hmm, maybe it'd work with magnetic paint and a ton of fridge magnets too? #finnstyle #artekulatemyspace:
Photo: Guardian

Oh don’t worry, it is not my postcards collection, but I wish someday I could have a wall which full of postcards from around the world. Since couple years ago, I decided to be a postcard collector, so wherever I visited or travelled somewhere in this world, I always spent my time to buy some postcards which represent and as an evidence that I ever visited that places with my own eyes and by my own feet.

Alhamdulillah, since then I have a lot of chances to travel outside or within Indonesia. Besides postcard, I also love to collect keychain and refrigerator magnets, maybe it’s almost the same with all of you who like to travel!

These past few years, I have hundreds of postcards which I’ve got and bought during my travel journey. For myself, there is always a pleasure to collect the postcards, where we can see and remember about memories that I’ve got in those places, even often, I feel melancholy and such longing feeling to those places if I look at my postcards collection.

Actually, I have joined with Postcrossing, but then I wasn’t too active in there. You can find out directly about Postcrossing through that link if you feel interested in getting to know about it. But now I know how does it feel to send the postcard to people who live far away from me and vice versa.

Now I know how does it feel to send the postcard to people who live far away from me, and as an exchange, you have to wait for them to send it back the postcard. It always feels excited to do it, moreover when you exchange the postcards with someone that you love and who love you back. Like what I did with my (lovely) life-partner who lives away in France. For us, this kind of communication still makes our love stronger even more and it always successfully makes us feel excited to wait until the postcard comes! Frankly, he was not a postcard collector before, but since we met, I think he got infected by my postcards virus, hahaha. But don’t worry, we actually still do “normal way of communication” by connecting and texting each other, through both email, Whatsapp, and video calls (thanks to the technology and social networking!), but to be honest, we still 100% enjoying ourselves to do Postcrossing with our own way 🙂

So, for you who really like to exchange postcard with me, let’s we do this together! I have some European postcards with me which I bought when I lived in Geneva and during my travel in Europe last year, and I have some postcards from Indonesia as well. I still have beautiful postcards from Chamonix Mont-blanc, Venice, Rome, Toulouse, Barcelona, Geneva, Stockholm, etc.

If you are interested in doing it with me, so hit me through my email: meagainsthewords@gmail.com. Just let me know, where do you come from, which postcard you really want to have, what makes you really want to have that postcard from me and tell me more about you, so we can get to know each other! And after, when I will receive your postcard with me, I will upload your postcard on my blog page “Postcard moments”.

What are you waiting for? … Let’s travel the world with postcards! 🙂