WITT #22: People said, you deserve someone’s better

In every circumstance of life, every ups and downs, every loss and found, every takes and give, every good and bad, for the better and worse, we all must experience it. Sometimes we have to understand the difference, to know how to be tolerant. We also have to learn to give, before we take everything for granted. Sometimes we also have to fall in love with the wrong person, to make us realize and seeking who’s really right for us.

And to be loved, I believe, we have to learn how to love ourselves before loving someone else’s.

I’ve been experiencing every ups and downs about love, I even ever thought that life is always unfair to me. When my friends look very happy with their lover and seem never feel hurt, but I always feel this world and love is always cruel to me. Many one-sided love I’ve experienced, being used, being dumped, being cheated.

And there was a point in our life, that made me thought about questions which came up to my mind;

When I will deserve someone who always bring me to happiness, laughter, and love, eternally? Will I deserve someone better?

It is indeed, takes (more) time to get what you really deserve.

I realize that love does not always have a happy ending. But I believe, we all can be happy as long as we are the one who ‘create’ that happiness. Not only for people that we love, but also for people that may be, in some point of our life, we forgot how to be grateful because we already have our family, best friends, and all of them… which matters.

Maybe we are too busy spending our lives, fighting for people who only make us disappoint and only have an intention of hurting us. We also too busy holding on with people who actually, don’t want to respect us. But all those things have brought us at some points in life, how we can respect people when we even can’t respect ourselves?

Now I finally found someone, which at first I always think, I do not deserve him, someone who always very nice, loving, very patients, caring, sweet and always respect me, my family and my friends.

The conclusion is: me, you and all of us deserve someone better.

A Random Thoughts: Love Has No Border

I believe that love has no border. Who’s agree with me now?

Since I quite often to travel to some places, I realised about some things in life, that I actually never know if its exist or even growing faster than I thought.

Like, love.

I really like to daydream at the airport, the station and in the park, every time I travel. Looking at people were walking around, have a chit-chat or just simply sitting and enjoy the weather in the park with their partners. But then, there are some moments which make me think and realise that I saw there are a lot of mixed couples each time I travel.

Last time, I saw some couples who also waited for the next flight like I did, when I was at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok and Arlanda Airport, Stockholm. The first one, seems from somewhere in America Latin and European, the others seems from South Asian countries, Thailand with American/European and there was also from the Middle East with European. Of course, it wasn’t my first time to see such things at the airport. I’ve seen a lot of it before in some different places. And since then, it makes me realise something…


The border what I talked here, is not only because of the different continents and countries, it is about the age, the gender, the culture, the habits, the religion, the race, the time, the place, the colour, and so forth.

Some people I knew have said, “I don’t understand with people who is doing long-distance relationship + a mixed couple! I mean, the ‘normal-ish’ relationship itself is somehow difficult for some people who even have a chance to see each other often, then how come long distance relationship could work? And sometimes it’s already difficult for a couple who has a different culture even they’re coming from the same country.”

I always laughed if I heard about those things. Because I know that love is a miracle that we even can’t control it, we can’t control our feeling who we will be falling in love with, we never understand about love. It somehow makes us lose control, makes us happier, lives healthier, ups and downs and everything in between!

I have some friends which look so much happier and oh-so-in-love even they have the same-sex relationship. I also have seen many couples who has so much different in term of their age (like I do now), but they’re all seems happy. I saw many mixed couples these past few years, till I experienced it by myself, with some of the differences that I and my partner has, it doesn’t make us feel weird or annoying to each other, but it does make us even richer about everything, we share our common values, we share and trying to understand about our cultures, my religion, our daily lives, exchange ideas, and more respect each other’s perspectives.

As we all know, we live with many differences in our lives, so embrace the diversity! Just don’t ever change people just because their culture and perspectives are different from what you have and what you’ve wished for. Always see there is always beautiful things behind every differentiates.

Don’t ever see those differences are barriers in your life, but rather than to see them as your sources on pursuing your only happiness, love and live your life, even though you have to step beyond the borders.

Love, xoxo.



A Dream Came True (with the best partner)

Who’s never had a dream to visit the most beautiful and romantic city like Paris?

Well, the term of the most beautiful and romantic city can be different from each people’s perspectives. But for me, Paris is indeed the most romantic city in the world.

I’ve been to Paris two times, first was during autumn in 2015 and the last time was just last week! I love France since I was 8 years old, at first just because I love Zinedine Zidane, then I love the football team, the country and then starting to love all about Paris, France and Eiffel Tower. When I was a teenager, I always wonder…

“When I could make it happen to go to Paris? Will I have a chance to go there for FREE?”

Because what I know, if we want to go to European countries it will be very expensive for Indonesian people to afford it by themselves. So, I keep praying, dreaming and wishing. In every birthday, in one of my birthday wishes, I always pray that one day I will go to Paris, to see the Eiffel tower with my own eyes, to feel how does it feel to live and to walk like a Parisienne. I want to feel all of it!

And my dream, my wishes became true in Autumn, 2015. I went to Paris! I got to see the Eiffel tower! I went to Notre Dame! Walked to the Pont Alexandre III! I enjoyed the Museum de Louvre and took pictures with the pyramid glass! And I visited the Arc de Triomphe! Last but not least, I went to Gare de Lyon, which I knew and remembered it was the station that Mr. Bean used for his 2nd movie, Mr. Bean Holiday! Hahaha. But last time, I was thinking that Paris is full of the traffic jam, just like in Jakarta, but the different was only less bad pollution. And every touristic place, even like Eiffel tower was always crazy and full of visitors.

Ok, so that the short story, back in 2015 and I was thinking it will be my first and last time to go to Paris.

But… it was a mistake.

In fact, I had a chance to visit Paris again, just last week! And…. with someone that I truly adore, with the best human that I ever had, my best (and crazy) partner ever! We spent the holiday together for a week in Paris, we made an itinerary which always full of must-visit-destinations. Then with him, now I know and I truly understand and even feel it, that Paris is indeed a romantic city in the world if you spent it with the one that you truly loved! ❤

Luckily, he has cousins which live in the south part of Paris. So we “rent” her apartment and stayed there for a week. His cousins were super nice with us! And the location was actually very great, because it is close to the bus and metro station, so it’s easier for us to move around to the central.

Last time I went to Paris, I still remembered that I ever wonder, what if I am here with someone that I love? It must be very beautiful. Last time one of my wishes were to have a lunch or dinner in Le Consulat Cafe which located in Montmartre area, go to the Sacre Couer and take romantics pictures with my boyfriend/husband, one day!

So this is it…


See my happy face? It was just after we ate a very delicious omelette in Le Consulat!
Look who’s very hungry? ❤
Délicieux Omelette @ Le Consulat
Look our happy face in front of the Sacre Coeur!

Yes, and just after 2 years, all of that was fulfilled this month! I even can’t describe how I feel much grateful and happy about it. It’s indeed, that we never know God’s plan for our future. But what I know, He always heard all of our prayers. So, keep and never bored to wish and dreams, friends 😉

Oh, and we were lucky that we met with a professional photographer from Argentina, that we ever asked to took a picture of us in front of the Eiffel tower. We actually just need an amateur picture ones, but then he took A PROFESSIONAL AND GREAT ONE! Which we super-love!

Thank you, Sandra and Fabian, for great pictures! We ❤ it!

One thing that I always feel beyond happy in there, not only because of the cutest and handsome boyfriend that I have or the beautiful of Paris city lights, but also I can feel that I finally found my “home” that I’ve been looking for, I even feel that I have my new family and have a new Mom, which live in another part of the world. Thus, I can’t stop to say Alhamdulillah for the happiness and loves that I have until now.

Some of you may ever have a feeling that you even can’t describe, but you feel much better, much happier and you feel that comfortable feeling, which you never had before with someone else, than with someone you truly love. Like I do, now. A person that you can be a true version of yourself. A person that always make you happy by the small things that he did to you. A person that could give anything you need without you have to ask. A person who could receive you, just the way you are, without we need to change our-self for him.

You know who you are.

I love you more and more each day.

Even more than I love Paris and its Eiffel tower now.

Or even more, than the croissant, pain au chocolat, Starbucks caffe latte and Tropicana orange juice!

I love you my present and future!






My promises to loving you forever

This is my blog post which I write, especially for my lovely significant other and also to my future husband who I’m going to spend my life with, this is how I’m going to love you.

I would love to do thousands of dates with you during my whole life, like travel the world, try new recipes, watch a movie in a cinema, have fine dining or even it will only to do marathon movie watch on Saturday night on our love-couch. While I will pamper you with your favourite hot chocolate or hot green tea and give my lap for you to lay down on me.

I will accompany you every time you work with your hundred stones and give you hugs from behind while you do the research on it, just to make you feel comfortable and give you some spirits! I will also make hiking be my new hobby so we can see many hidden gems and beautiful wild plants and animals in the forests. So we can feel the morning haze will cover our sight every time we wake up in our tent. Not to forget, I would love to enjoy every beach sands while we walk on every beach in the world, to feel the sands and the sea water touch our feet, to hear the sea wave and breeze in our ears, as well as to watch and capture every sunrises and sunset together.

I will try to cook many recipes that I’ve got from YouTube channels and prepare it for your breakfast, lunch box and dinner, even all you know that I could only cook nasi goreng or instant noodles, for now. But I want to spoil you with my foods that I cook for us in our future home 🙂

Do you still remember our wish-list to Paris? I will not only invite you to go to the top of the Eiffel tower just to see how beautiful Paris city or only to visit Sacre Cour, but I’d rather want to stroll around the city, visit museums, Shakespeare’s bookstore and any other historical buildings, then let we try to find out about the history of each place together, while I will enjoy my cup of cappuccino outside one of a cafe in Paris and you will enjoy your pain au chocolat.

I am the one who will initiate to design our interior apartment for us to live in, with you as my assistant interior design (lol), we will make our small place feels like the best sanctuary for our little family in the future, where we will have our postcards collection as one of our home decoration, full of our pictures and put colourful paint, mosaic patterns, as well as succulent plants!

When the rain pouring down our home, I would like to stay with you all day in our bed and cuddle with you. I will love to give you kisses on your lips to make you feel love, then after play with your Pinocchio nose ❤

I will love to spend holiday either in your family’s place or my family’s, for me, they are the most important things in our life and we must take care of them too!

You know I really want to see the aurora borealis with you, if that special moment will finally come, I promise I would like to take picture of us while we do French kiss (shy) to capture our lovely moment!

You will see how my life will be full of many lists that I need to be checked and fulfilled sooner or later, but I wouldn’t mind skipping some of those lists, just because I realise, the only prioritize in my life, for now, is to make you feel happy, to be loved and to take care of you always ❤

Six months ago today, we met each other in Toulouse. And I still can’t believe we still stick and love each other till this time. Thank you for making me believe that our different, in terms of distance, time zone, religion and culture, are not big barriers for us to love and respect each other, we do realise those things which make our love getting stronger each day.

But above of all, I just want you to stay. Always stay here with me, no matters what will happen with us later. I just want to live longer with you so I can feel to be the happiest wife for you and wonderful Mom for our children during my whole life.

This my promises to you, let me loving you forever, Igor.

I want you stay through it all. I don’t want you to ever leave. I want you to stay because you want to, because there’s nowhere else you’d rather be

Rania Naim

06092016  ❤ 14102016