(D)roolling cheese by Ojju!

Happy Monday all!

Today, I am gonna show you another happening Korean restaurant in J-town! (red: Jakarta Town).

The restaurant name is Ojju K-Food!

What makes it really special and very happening? It because they have the phenomenal rolling cheese, which will definitely spoil your tongue and mouth!

I went to Ojju K-Food in Gandaria City, unluckily, on the weekend. Why it was unlucky? Because it was very crowd and full of people, even I went there around 2 pm, which is it shouldn’t be very crowd because it was already passed off the lunch time.

But, in fact, I got the queue number and should have to wait for around 25 numbers, which was waited for almost 2 hours! Yes, it was a very crazy queue! But don’t worry, we can track our queue numbers from their website, so we don’t have to wait in front of their restaurant for hours, but you can also do window shopping while waiting for your turn! 😉

And after 2 hours of waiting, it was paid off by this delicious view!

Rolling Cheese Chicken Wings (Fiery Spicy)

I love this restaurant because of their concept is different from other Korean restaurants in Jakarta, from their interior design, their unique service system, their Korean food menu, and the food taste!

Beside the famous menu of Rolling Cheese Chicken Wings, they also have other main menus, such as Budae Jjigae (Korean ramyeon). FYI, the Budae Jjigae is a Korean army stew dish where you can put various toppings, such as; beef (169K), chicken (149K), seafood (229K) and vegetables (119K) or you can create your own toppings! 😉

Here is the Budae Jjigae, which you can also ‘create your own’ Budae Jjigae!
Two choices: Beef Ribs (219K) and Chicken Wings (99K)
Mikhailov with his shocked’s face when the food came!

Like any other Korean restaurants, they also sell Korean Banchan (Korean small dishes menu); Tteokbokki (rice cake), Ramyeon (Korean noodles),  Dosirak (rice box with 3 choices of chicken, beef and seafood as main dish), Japchae (Korean noodles stir fry) and many more. The price itself very variant from 9K to 89K! I would recommend the Tteokbokki, because it was very tasty, delicious and spicy.

They started to roll the cheese until it’s melted on the mini stove in our table!

For drinks, they have variant of lemonade, juices, soft drinks, and the famous soju (Korean alcohol drinks). Last time, I chose their signature Corn Tea only for 22K and you can enjoy it approximately for 3-4 person!

They also served us some of the FREE side dishes as complimentary, such as; kimchi, sweet and creamy corn, milky macaroni, and some sour-spicy pickles (cucumber kimchi), where you can see half of the looks in this picture below!

And this is how we eat! Don’t worry to be dirty, because they provide us with the plastic to eat with our own hand!

For those who is very curious with this Ojju K-Food, you can also find them on their Instagram account @ojju.indo.

Ready to (d)roolling your cheese? Let’s go to Ojju!

Location: UG floor, Gandaria City Mall, South Jakarta (opposite the Sushi Tei)

Opening Hours: 10.00 – 22.00

Estimated price: IDR 50.000 – 250.000 (for 2 person)

On finding Korean spicy ramen in Town!

Haloha! It’s a weekend blast!

Today, I am going to make you very jealous and drooling just because of the food that I really want to share with you.

This weekend, I’ve decided to treat my sister and my nephew in two famous and very happening Korean restaurants in Jakarta. It is located in one of a shopping mall names Gandaria City, South Jakarta.

Almost every people were talking about this two Korean restaurants, one of them was Double Pots! I knew and looked at those pictures about this kind of foods on Instagram, here are their official Instagram account @doublepots. So, at first, we decided to go there yesterday.

Then, voila…

Korean Spicy Hot Soup (before it’s cooked)


And this is when its already cooked!

Yes, it’s Korean Spicy Hot Soup (with double noodles). It’s very tempting, right?

Anyway, this is one of their special and most favourite ramen/soup dish which contains; fish cake, beef sausage, Shimeji mushrooms, Korean noodle, kimchi, cheese slice, narutomaki (kind of seafood), beef slice, fresh fish balls, mixed vegetables, chikuwa, crab nugget, and seafood tofu. The taste was very tasteful, not too spicy for me who really love spicy food, hahaha. But it’s very recommended!

Besides the Korean Spicy Hot Soup, they also have Beef Hot Soup, since we prefer seafood than beef, so we order the Korean Spicy Hot Soup one! Uuumm yummy :9

Look at Mikhailov’s excited face!

Besides Korean ramen, they also have any seafood or chicken side dish platter. We chose to order the prawn with salted egg. You can also add-ons some of the side dish in your hot ramen soup, such as; eggs, cheese, noodle, fish cake, and etc.

The price is not too expensive, for the Korean Hot Spicy Soup it was only IDR 78,000 (or equal to $ 6/EUR 5.5) and since the pot/bowl is large enough, so actually you can eat it for two people! (Mine was for 3 people, hahaha). And for the side dish platter the price starting from IDR 40,000 until IDR 60,000 ($ 3/EUR 2.7 – $ 4.4/EUR 4).


So for all of you who really like to eat Korean ramen and located in South Jakarta or surround, Double Pots available in Gandaria City Mall and Cilandak Town Square. Check this out!

Location: Gandaria City Mall, South Jakarta (next to Pablo Cheesecake)

Opening Hours: 10.00 – 22.00

Estimated price: IDR 40.000 – 150.000