Main Paragliding + Island Hopping to Hœdic | PART #2

Masih dari liburan musim panas kemarin di wilayah Bretagne, Perancis.

The best place to escape from heatwave in France. Abis panas-panasan saat heatwave bulan Juli lalu, akhirnya kita memutuskan untuk liburan di Bretagne (Brittany), sejuk dan dingiiin angin pantainya. Plus, lumayan untuk refreshing juga~

Lalu kita nyeberang ke pulau kecil yang terletak di bagian Barat Perancis, yaitu di Pulau Hœdic.

Mau tau gimana dan ada apa saja di pulau tersebut?

Tonton vlog barunya sampai habis yaa!

Summer in Brittany, France : What to visit & to do?

When we talk about France, we did not only talk about Paris, Versailles or Disneyland. France is beyond all of these places. This summer, me and my husband had a chance to visit a town located on the west coast of France, in Brittany department (in French, Bretagne), which called Pénestin. We went there when we just experienced the hottest days in France during the canicule (heatwave) which has reached until 43 degrees.

I was surprised when I just arrived and set my feet at the train station in Saint Nazaire, the weather was much cooler, breezy windy and a bit of rain.

For your information, to get to Pénestin by train, you have to stop either in Saint Nazaire station or La Baule Escoublac station. La Baule Escoublac actually the closest one, 30 mins drive by car from Pénestin.

We stayed in a rented-house which were closed to the La Mine d’Or beach. It was very good, comfortable and close to all shopping centre, cafes and restaurants. The most important, it just walks 5 minutes away to go to the La Mine d’Or beach. No wonder we always went swimming on the beach.

Other ways, you can also do the camping and caravaning, there are several camping points where you can stay with your family and friends.

Also, there are plenty of choices of beach in Pénestin where you can access easily only by walk! Yes, by walk. It takes some times but it’s worth to visit. From the north to south at least there are more than 10 points of beach among others are; Loguy beach, Lomer beach, La Source beach, La Mine d’Or beach, Poudrantais beach, Loscolo beach, La Bile beach, Palandrin beach, Pont Mahe beach and more.

In Poudrantais beach, you can do kayak, surfing, sailing and kite-surfing. There is a place where you can rental things you want to do there to complete your holiday. Last time my husband was curious to try paragliding (parapente, in French), where you can starts from La Mine d’Or cliffs for 10 up to 30 minutes. If you are first-timer, there will be a guide who will join you in the same paragliding, so you will feel less scared.

My recommendation is trying to visit Pont-Mahe beach, you can feel the difference in the seawater there, which feel warmer than the other seas. And also went to La Bile beach where you can see plenty of mussels farming if the tide is low. Usually, people will hunt to catch other seafood, like the oyster, mussel, fishes on this island. So if you want to experience that too, better to prepare your own bucket.

Here are the sneak-peek from the first part of our summer vacation’s vlog in Pénestin, Brittany.

I really recommend you to visit this town during the summer holiday, moreover to escape from the heatwave!

MAIN KE KAMPUNG NENEK PERANCIS! | AMG! Vlog Cerita #13 | La Vie en France Eps. 7

Hallooo teman-teman. Ada video baru di AMG! Vlog. Kali ini kita liburan di kampung Neneknya suami di Nouan le Fuzelier di Perancis. Seru bangeeet! Aku belajar hal-hal baru selama sama Nenek.

DAAAAN… ternyata aku baru tahu juga kalau Nenek jago main egrang! WOW!

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See you there and terima kasih!


In this new vlog, we want to take you to the mustard city in France, called Dijon. Even though it was the second time we visited Dijon, this time was the hottest summer that we ever experienced!

This is the first time we felt like always followed by the sun, even at night was very very hot!

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The Couple’s Road Trips preparation!

Welcome to the summer holiday!

For those who are living in a tropical country, maybe summer holiday is definitely not a special thing to do, simply because we have the sun all year.

But not here in France. Since I am living here, I found that holiday is very very important for French people (or European in general), especially during summer. Usually, they already plan a few months ahead to plan for summer holidays, either they will travel around France or overseas.

And this year will be the first summer holiday that I will spend with my husband and his family. Although, this is not the first vacation with my husband, because this past few years we spent the holiday together in Indonesia. What makes this summer holiday feels special because we will do our first road trip to several cities of France and Switzerland, by using train and bus!

What I mean with a road trip here, it is not like what Keluarga Belo did with their campervan (For those who did not know, they are Indonesian Youtubers, if only you watch their Youtube channel), we are not that rich anyways, but we will visit some cities where our friends and family who lives both in France and Switzerland.

Maybe some of you already know that in 2016 I lived in Geneva for 3 months for my fellowship. Since then, there is always a love and hate relationship with this city.

Well, anyways. In this blog post, I would like to share with you things that we have to prepare for our summer road trips! Since we will leave our apartment for one month, so we have to be prepared more.

What do you mean prepare more? Since we live in Rouen only two of us, no maid, no family, having friends and neighbours are very important! Why I said that? You will find the answer below.  

Disclaimer. Even the title is about the holiday, we will still keep busy with our works. My husband will keep busy working on his thesis and I will keep busy with editing videos for vlogs (subscribe to my Youtube channel), writing on blog post also writing on my special project.

Can we do it all during our holiday? Bismillah, let see!

So what we have to prepare?

1. Decide which transportation will you use? Book and buy!

First thing first, either by plane, train, bus or car, you have to decide which transport you will use during the holiday. But in our case, most of the times we both always prefer to go either by train or by bus, so we can enjoy the scenery. Since we will travel to some cities in France, before we will go to Geneva, we are checking which train and bus will be cheaper to go to the destinations. Most of the times, we are avoiding to buy tickets during the weekend (to go or to return), because usually, it will be more expensive. The same as the bus, during this trip, we will try to go by bus which will be more than 3 hours drive, which is challenging! But the good thing using the bus in France (or Europe) for a long trip, they have pretty comfortable bus seats (spacious space, socket and WiFi!).

The best thing to do in advance is also to compare the ticket price either by train, bus, hitchhike car or plane before you go.

2. Where you will go and stay? Draft your itinerary!

Since most of our trips actually to visit friends and families, so we do not have to worry about a place to stay, except our destination to Geneva. We will stay in my husband’s friend place in Dijon, the grandma in Nouan-le-Fuzelier, in the villa booked by my mother-in-law in Bretagne and in Geneva, we have found our host to live few days from Couchsurfing!

Been a long time since I join with Couchsurfing and I was stopped to use it for the past few years, finally, I decided to re-active it again (and changed the name with my husband) and also open request for the traveller who needs a place to stay in our apartment (say Hi to us here!).

Drafting itinerary always fun for me! But we will only draft an itinerary maybe for Dijon and Geneva, because the other places are planned by the grandma and the mother of my husband, so basically we just need to enjoy and relaxing. But for those, who love surprises and challenges, you may also can do or go to some places which not in your itinerary or plan yet.

So do what is good for you and your partner (or friend)!

3. Check which places you want to visit

Wants to go to museum? Park? Hiking in the mountain? Check places you want to go through the internet first! So you know which day they usually open, what time they will open and close, how much the ticket price, etc. Because some of places, either in Europe or France, will close every Monday or Tuesday. So, check it carefully and decide where to go with your partner, prioritize which places you really want to go first, how long you will stay there and… ENJOY!

4. Weather-check!

Even sometimes weather forecast not always right, but at least it’s good to know the temperature in places you will visit, whether it will be very hot, raining, windy, etc. Why? So you will know what kind of clothes that you will use and bring to that place. Whatever the weather forecast said about the weather, always be prepared your raincoat, umbrella and scarf!

5. Get set, rolling and… packing!

Bag pack is always a good idea and very practical! But, since we will leave for a month and I don’t really have a big bag pack, so we decided to bring one suitcase and two bag packs which we will bring by ourselves (coz we both will bring our laptop!). Don’t forget to make a packing-list, so you will not forget to bring essential things which you will definitely need when you travel.

My packing list!

Rolling, rolling, rolling… I always rolls my shirts, dresses, pyjamas, shorts, etc, if I want to do packing, it’s not because it will saving more space, but also it just looks RIGHT and well-packed. Since my husband will bring a lot of books for his research thesis and me with my essential girl things plus my camera gears, so we decided to bring one suitcase to put our clothes, toiletries and books. So we just put our laptop, charger and journal in our bag pack.

Since its summer, I will not forget my lifesaver: suncream & face spray

6. Clean the apartment and then?

Another important thing to do is… to leaves your apartment in a clean and neat condition. Moreover, if you will leave it more than a month. Why? Because you just feel better when you know and make sure all things are clean when you leave and when you will be back again from holiday. No dirty dishes, no dirty kitchen, leave the refrigerator empties, empty the trash bin, no dirty bathroom and bedroom, etc… all things should be very clean! It’s actually up to you, but we prefer that way.

7. Checking all your electricity, gas and water on the day you will leave also very important! So you will not waste it if you will leave it for long time. We also ask a help to our neighbour to taking care our plants while we will have vacation, last but not least… LOCK YOUR WINDOWS AND DOOR!

… and let’s GO!

Happy holiday all!

Berkunjung ke Istana Beauty & the Beast, Château de Chambord di Perancis

Liburan akhir tahun lalu, akhirnya kami memutuskan untuk ke salah satu istana yang letaknya tidak jauh dari kota Orléans, dimana mertua saya tinggal, yaitu Istana Chambord atau Château de Chambord. Paling suka kalau jalan-jalan di Eropa itu, mampir ke istana-istana, biar serasa kayak ada di film-film Disney Princess gitu.

Bagi yang belum tau, sebenarnya banyak istana di Perancis yang beberapa diantaranya dijadikan latar belakang untuk film-film kerajaan, bahkan hingga film animasi. Mungkin salah satunya yang tidak cukup banyak diketahui orang-orang adalah Istana Chambord ini. Awalnya, saya juga gak tau kalau istana ini dijadikan latar belakang film Beauty and the Beast, tapi memang saat berada disana, feel-nya beda banget, serasa balik ke masa itu.

Foto istana diambil dari pintu masuk

Istana ini merupakan istana terbesar yang terletak di lembah Loire, Perancis, dan sangat terkenal di seluruh dunia akan keindahan dan kemegahan arsitektur bergaya Renaissance Perancis yang sangat khas. Arsitektur istana ini memadukan bentuk abad pertengahan tradisional Perancis dengan struktur Renaissance klasik. Awalnya, istana ini dibangun hanya sebagai pondok atau destinasi liburan bagi Raja Francis I dan ketika ia ingin menyalurkan hobi berburunya.

Salah satu desain arsitekturnya yang paling terkenal di istana ini adalah dengan adanya tangga spiral terbuka ganda yang tricky banget dan menjadi pusat dari istana ini.

Lorong bawah dari tangga spiral yang khas di istana Chambord

Kalau ada yang inget di film Beauty and the Beast, ada bagian yang Belle lari-lari di lorong tangga yang melingkar? Nah, bagian itu terinspirasi dari tangga spiral karya Leonardo Da Vinci ini.

Ini juga tangga helix yang berada di bagian luar istana
My happy face in Chambord
Look at this beautiful roof

Jadi, ternyata memang desainer film tersebut niat banget mengunjungi istana Chambord ini untuk melakukan riset dan mencari inspirasi dalam merancang desain istana yang dimasukan ke dalam latar belakang di film tersebut.

Istana ini juga memiliki taman yang cukup luas dan dikelilingi oleh taman berhutan sekitar 52,5 kilometer persegi (13.000 hektar). Sayangnya, karena waktu itu kita datangnya sudah agak sore, sekitar jam 3 dan juga saat itu musim dingin, jadi kita hanya memiliki waktu sedikit untuk jalan mengelilingi seluruh taman di istana ini. Soalnya, jam 5 sore sudah mulai gelap dan semakin dingin. Sekarang agak nyesel gak sempat mengelilingi taman tersebut.

Terdapat beberapa raja yang sempat menempati maupun singgah di istana ini. Walaupun Raja Francis I yang pertama kali membangun istana ini pada tahun 1519, ia tidak sempat merasakan tinggal lama di istana tersebut, bahkan ia hanya sempat melihat beberapa bagian dari istana tersebut sampai akhirnya ia meninggal dunia pada tahun 1547. Lalu, Gaston d’ Orléans singgah di istana ini bahkan menjadi orang pertama yang melakukan renovasi dan pemulihan di istana tersebut. Louis XIV kemudian memberikan sentuhan konstruksi terakhir di istana, juga melakukan kanalisasi sungai tersebut sekitar tahun 1660 dan pada tahun-tahun berikutnya ia menikmati berburu di Chambord.

Ayah mertua Raja Louis XV, raja Polandia, Stanislaw Leszczynski, saat diasingkan juga tinggal di istana Chambord. Saat musim panas tiba, wabah malaria memaksanya meninggalkan istana dan mencari perlindungan sementara di rumah-rumah terdekat (Blois, Saint-Dyé, château Saumery, château Ménars). Ingin membersihkan udara di Chambord, ia melanjutkan proyek kerja yang dilakukan oleh Louis XIV di sekitar istana. Kemudian pada tahun 1745, Maurice de Saxe, marshal dari Prancis, menerima istana Chambord dari tangan Louis XV sebagai hadiah untuk eksploitasi militernya.

Pada tahun 1821, setelah kampanye penggalangan dana nasional Henri, cucu Raja Charles X, menerima istana Chambord sebagai hadiah kelahirannya. Saat itu juga, untuk pertama kalinya istana ini dibuka untuk umum untuk memamerkan beberapa koleksi karya seni yang dipamerkan di istana tersebut. Namun, pada tahun 1883, Henri Duc de Bordeaux pun wafat, lalu memberikan istana kepada pewaris langsung, yaitu Raja Louis XIV.

Walaupun sudah didirikan sejak tahun 1519, istana ini baru selesai pembangunannya di bawah pemerintahan Louis XIV. Dan tahun 1930, istana dan tamannya telah menjadi milik negara. Lalu, sepuluh tahun setelah itu, tahun 1940, istana Chambord mulai terdaftar di Warisan Dunia UNESCO.

Kini di setiap ruangan yang ada di istana Chambord berisikan beberapa barang-barang pribadi milik raja-raja tersebut, lukisan istana Chambord di masa itu, juga beberapa koleksi seni lainnya.

Jika dibandingkan dengan Versailles, menurut saya, harga tiket masuk istana Chambord lebih murah. Waktu itu bulan Desember 2018, saya kesana bayar sekitar 13 EUR. Khusus untuk EU residents berusia di bawah 25 tahun, GRATIS! Untung dibayarin mertua, jadi gak syok-syok banget deh harus bayar segitu, karena kalau di rupiah-in harganya sekitar Rp 200.000.

Jadi, kalau teman-teman Her Love’s punya waktu lebih saat jalan-jalan di Perancis, saya sangat merekomendasikan untuk berkunjung ke istana ini. Namun, untuk transportasi, alangkah baiknya untuk menggunakan mobil sendiri atau mobil sewaan, karena letaknya yang terpencil dan jauh dari akses transportasi publik.

Alamat: Château, 41250 Chambord