EKSKLUSIF: Nonton Kembang Api di Jenewa, Swiss Part. 1 | #TRAVELYFE eps. 6

Masih dalam rangka liburan musim panas bulan Agustus lalu, kali ini kita mau ajak jalan-jalan ke kota Jenewa di Swiss. Kita kesini selain mau nonton event besar kembang api, juga mau selebrasi ultah pernikahan kita yang ke… 1 tahun~ Masih seumur jagung banget sih, tapi semoga kita bisa merayakan usia pernikahan hingga berpuluh-puluh tahun, selalu mesra dan bersama dunia akhirat.

Minta amin-nya yaaaa… ❤

Penasaran kan mau lihat seperti apa kembang api 45 menit di Jenewa, Swiss?

Tonton vlognya sampai habis ya!


Summer fireworks in Geneva!

Well, hello for those who’s the biggest fan of fireworks! I am gonna show you beautiful pictures of me during Fêtes de Genève or Geneva Festivals on last summer 2016! I was very lucky, yes, because I got fellowship during the best season in Geneva, Switzerland. Why? Because you can easily found many nice festivals in the Jet d’eau lake and for being honest, the warm weather during summer much look alike in Jakarta or even some cases, even hotter in Geneva.

And to see the feu d’artifice or fireworks, it commonly held by August each year. The fireworks long last between 45-55 minutes which located in the lake. You need to be sacrificed yourself first, if you want to watch this and get a very strategic place, like what I did last year. So I came to the lakeside, since the afternoon like around 4 pm to get a place right in front of the lake.

And the fireworks itself, just started, at 10 pm.

Yes, it was an amazing experience, to wait for the fireworks for 6 hours in the lake accompanied with crazy windy during the afternoon, hahaha. If you want to get the best place to see the fireworks, you must go to the lake at least 3 hours advance, before the fireworks begin.

And, for the better, you can bring folding chair/cushion/pillow/bean bag or anything so you can sit comfortably and also the blanket, as it will start to get cold during the evening. Not to forget to bring snacks and drinks as you will stay there for hours!

So, enjoy the fireworks, guys!

The fireworks started to play



img-20160814-wa0053   img-20160814-wa0056







📷 Astrid Maharani (by Samsung S7 Edge)
📍 Jet d’eau Lake, Geneva – Switzerland