#2 Bisous postcard from Caen, France

Abbey of Sant-Etienne – Caen, France

Yay. My second postcards which I received couple months ago from……. the cutest and lovely guy on Earth! Hahaha. Who else’s? My beloved boyfriend (blushing).

The Abbey of Sant-Etienne now becoming as Houses of the City Council of Caen, Normandy. He had a chance to visit Caen, the capital city of Northern France in Normandy region, to attend one of the conferences in there. So he spent to send me the postcard from there! Terima kasiiiih sayang… 

And yes, since his first postcard, I think he will still keep to send me other postcards from other cities in France to complete my postcards collection! Yayy!

Sent by. Igor Girault
 And on his second postcards above, he started to learn Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language) and for being honest, he is a fast learner, not only with his profession but also to learn a new language! That is why I always proud of him 🙂

#1 a postcard from Dijon, France

Liberation Place – Dijon, France

Well, this is the first postcard which I received from someone who I never expected could be someone which very important for me now. Before I met him, I never know there is a city in France, which called Dijon. But since he lived and studying there, so I was Googled which part of France it is. Therefore, he sent me many pictures from Dijon and in general, for me, the city centre actually very similar and very typically like other cities in France.

But still, I love France.

This is actually the beginning of our love story which just started and still counting till I am writing this blog post and hopefully till death do us part.

Sent by: Igor Girault


Ps. Dear sayang, I know you read this post, thank you for being very patiently with me and always be there for me whenever I need you. Thank you for being my eternal happiness! Yours truly =)