Book Review #2 – When William Traynor left…

How do you move on after losing the person you loved? How do you build a life worth living?

Book Title: “After You”

Writer: Jojo Moyes

Genre: Romance Comedy

Year: 2016

Published by: Penguin Books

Pages: 407 pages


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I think some of you already watched the movie called “Me Before You” with the actors Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke. For me, the movie was very touchy and has successfully made me cry every time I re-watched it or maybe because I am the one who is very whiny with romantic movies.

Well, I won’t talk about the first book and the movie, but I will talk about the second book which titled, “After You”. I bought this book when I had to wait for my next flight from Stockholm to Jakarta last May 2017 and just finished reading the book couple weeks ago. And it always makes me wanted to continue to read it till finished.

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Moving on and starting over something after broken hearted and deep-loss might be very difficult for some people like Louisa Clark did after William Traynor had passed away. It has been a hard time for Louisa to “just live well” after Will’s death and it showed Lou’s struggle with moving on. It showed how his death affected other characters and how people struggled to relate following such a tragedy. Louisa even has to join and attends Moving On support group, but it doesn’t make her feel much better and forget about Will so easily, moreover when she finally met with a-16-years old girl named, Lily.

Who is Lily? — is becoming an important part of this book. Since she came to Louisa’s life, it has brought a rollercoaster to Louisa’s life, just like Will Traynor did before. Also another and new important person to Louisa’s life, the Ambulance guy, “Sam” also brought new colour of her love life after Will’s death. He is a pretty much very lovely guy and has successfully brought happiness into Louisa’s life changing, and of course, to help her move on after Will’s death.

The family issue also happened in the second sequel to this book, both Lou’s family and Will’s family. After Will’s death, his parents decided to divorce and live their own life. What was happening to their family? You will also discover their story in this sequel!

All over, “After You” makes the whole story of Lou and Will little bit complicated at first, but finally I enjoyed to read this book and it still worth to read if you really curious about the whole love story of Louisa and Will Traynor.

Book Review #1 – The Witty Delia’s Life

Yup, as I promised in my previous post, I would like to give you my personal review on a book that I just finished to read! Well, actually I bought this book earlier of this year, but then I was just read it sometimes or if I am in a mood to read a book.

And finally, I have finished this book, yay! So here is my review about this book.

Book Title: “It’s Not Me, It’s You”

Writer: Mhairi McFarlane

Genre: Romance Comedy Fiction

Year: 2014

Published by: Harper, 2015

Pages: 531 pages

A chick-lit novel who’s trying to tell about Delia Moss, the main character of this novel, a woman who goes through some heart-breaking events in life and she was forced to change direction and make some choices in her life, as well as trying to survive and still being strong after her heart-breaking events.

“It’s Not Me, It’s You” is trying to show the reader how does it feels betrayed by someone that we love faithfully. It doesn’t matter how long the relationship went through, but the most important are how we respect each other’s heart. Once women got betrayed by the one that she loved, it might be easy to forgive them, but the heart will be very difficult to start all over again. This is what Delia’s feel after she went through the heart-breaking events in her life.

Mhairi was also trying to show Delia’s life through cartoonish art and its storyline which went really well with the story! I really like how Mhairi tells very details of each character in the story and how she explained every detail of the events, which make me brought into Delia’s world.

I would say that this is a light and nice book to read when you need a relaxing, which also will make you feel good or even sometimes wants to put a smile on your face