WITT #25: No more using MAS!

I would like to share with you about my experience used Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight company. So this was not my first experience using this airline company, but sorry to say, I think it will be my last time using this airline. I have heard so many people complaining about this airline because of the airline quite famous for their delayed or cancelled schedule and also their delayed baggage ‘services’.

And it just happened to me yesterday! I did not found my suitcase once I landed in Jakarta from Manila. So this is what happened before…

Friday, 15 December 2017

– 10.30 am (Manila time): I arrived at Ninoy International Airport Terminal 1, where Malaysia Airlines located in. I have online checked-in through their website, so I thought I just need to print my ticket there because I don’t want to put any baggage. But then the staff said that I have to put my cabin suitcase in their baggage because the weight is up to 12 kilograms. But I said “I just need one hour transfer time in KL, can you make sure that the baggage will arrive in time in Jakarta?” and she replied, “No worries, Mam. We will prioritize your baggage with the tag.” then she showed us the tag ‘HOT TRANSFER’ with a pink colour. Then finally I have to let them put my cabin suitcase in the baggage.

– 13.14 (Manila time): Our flight MH807 starts to take-off!

– 17.15 (KL time): Landed in Kuala Lumpur. I had to run once I walked out from the airplane, because my transit time is only for an hour, and it already passed around 15 minutes or so because the flight a little bit delayed. Fortunately, from KL to Jakarta it’s located at the same terminal but different a few gate numbers.

I was in a rush because actually I only have time around 25-30 minutes to finally boarding to another plane. Once I found the Gate H2, I went to the toilet first before I enter the security check.

I always have had the feeling that I really afraid my suitcase will do not have enough time to be moved to my other flight to Jakarta.

Then, yes, what I always thoughts is right.

What I always worried, it happened to me.

– 20.00 – 21.00 WIB (Jakarta time): I have safely landed at Soetta Airport, I walked a lil bit faster to go to the Autogate Immigration then to the baggage belt.  The first belt baggage came with a sign ‘Priority Baggage’, so I was thinking mine will be there. After waiting for 30 minutes, I couldn’t found my suitcase, then finally I realised that the sticker baggage already changed to AirAsia. Then I checked with the airport staff, and he said, the last baggage for Malaysia Airlines is already done 15 minutes ago! And I was like, WHAAAT… There are still around 10 people (more or less) who still waiting for the bag with me, stand nearby the gate even sat in the trolley. The staff escorted us to the ‘Lost and Found’ office, where a lot of people also had the same problem with me.

Their complaints were the same. This is strange because even the airport staff already gave our suitcases with ‘HOT TRANSFER’ and ‘PRIORITY’ tags, but it did not affect anything. Why they have still left our baggage in KL?

These are tags that they put it in my suitcase!

If the reason because of short transit that we had, they might have to change and improve their service to be faster or at least put more attention to detail. Don’t blame your passengers and says it’s our risk who booked flight tickets with a very short transfer, but with their tight schedule, they have to improve their service tho.

Saturday, 16 December 2017

– 12.00 pm: I called their office which located in the Soekarno Hatta International Airport Terminal 2 D, and she said, that my suitcase still did not find yet.

– 02.00 pm: They called me back and said that my suitcase has been found and they will send it directly to my home.

After waiting for almost 7 hours, I did not receive any call from them, so I thought to call their office again. They promised to call the agent and let me know when my suitcase will be delivered.

Even finally my suitcase was arrived, around 23.00 almost midnight, but I still feel confused why this kind of thing can happen (?)

I really hope MAS will improve their services because I heard about this not only a few times, but many times, even my boss and my colleague also experienced the same with me.

Is there anyone here who also experienced the same? Share your comment down below!


#5th Review: My first flight to Europe with KLM

Just a little bit flashback to my first journey to Europe. In October 2015, luckily, I got a recommendation from my colleague in the office to attend one of the biggest Internet Forum which has been held in Stockholm, Sweden. You don’t know, how I was very happy and very excited to had a wonderful chance like that!

And it was completed by the chance that the organiser was booked me economy class flight ticket by KLM! So here is my review during my first flight to Europe with KLM, check it out…

At this time, I would like to write my review during my first flight to Europe with KLM, check it out…

Their TV and other entertainment facilitate!
Their TV and other entertainment facilitate!

Well, the seat was quite comfortable and spacious (maybe for Asian like me). The flight was at night, and the flight had one stop in Kuala Lumpur and then transit in Schiphol, Amsterdam. The total journey was almost 20 hours and my flight from Jakarta was a lil bit delayed likely for 30 minutes. I was a little bit worried too because my transit time in Schiphol will only take around 1 hour, but finally, I made it even that time my plane was already boarding! (Fiuuuh…)

During the flight from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur, they served us nice dinner completed with the cake as dessert.

Delicious welcome dinner by KLM on board
Delicious welcome dinner by KLM on board

Then we stopped in Kuala Lumpur, all of the passengers should have to go out from the plane and wait at the boarding gate while they cleaned the plane because there will be another passenger from Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam.

Well, again… They gave us late night snack to eat. I really need to take a good rest even on the plane, so I ordered the red wine to make me sleep better 😉

Late night food with the wine? Why not!
Late night food with the wine? Why not!

It’s sleeping timeeeee! I got this cute little thingy goodnight goodies, which is very cute! Inside this goodies were blindfold, earplug, toothbrush and the paste. All with blue colour!

Very cute 'Goodnight Goodies' which they gave us before sleeping time
Very cute ‘Goodnight Goodies’ which they gave us before sleeping time

The cabin crew was very powerful! I saw many of them were already above 45 years old and for me, it’s awesome, because they were still very strong to do work as cabin crew, which is for me not so easy to do. They were very polite and always asking what we need (oh well, that’s their job for sure, haha). Most of them could speak either Dutch, Indonesia and English and the most important, their service was also very fast!

After around 15-17 hours flight to Amsterdam, finally, we arrived in Schiphol! The airport was. verrrrrrrrry verrry big, that time I need to find the Gate which I will take my flight to Stockholm and after spent like 1 hour 15 minutes at the security check and 15 minutes at the immigration, I finally arrived at the Gate with my body was sweating a loooot because I was running to the gate hahaha. I even dropped my visa documents somewhere on the floor while I ran, but someone very nice was helped me! Thank youuuu!

When I entered the plane, I looked to the left and right of the seats, and I didn’t found any Asian people. Yes, it was only me surrounded by bule-bule (red: tourist) Scandinavian! Hahaha.

My flight from Amsterdam to Stockholm was around 6 am in the morning, that is why I want to show you some of my pictures from the window where I sat.

Beautiful white skies around
Beautiful white skies around and the sun started to risen
Sea of clouds up high in Scandinavian country
Sea of clouds up high in Scandinavian countries

Long story short, it was a pleasure for me to had a flight with KLM during my first flight to Europe. It was super awesome experience with KLM, thank you KLM! Hope I will have chances to fly with you again ❤

#2nd Review: My 1st Journey with Emirates

Oh yes, this will be my 2nd review here in my blog and my 1st journey with Emirates. I had my flight journey with Emirates last June 2016, it was for my Fellowship program in Geneva, Switzerland. So the organiser booked me flight ticket from and to Jakarta – Geneva by Emirates. I was very excited because that was my first time to use Emirates and I finally landed my feet in one of Middle East country and one of the richest country in the world.

Yes, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

So here is my review about Emirates:

  • The Service? So far, they gave a very nice service for the passengers, even sometimes some of them weren’t really hospitable, but overall I love to fly with Emirates. Last time I had midnight flight from Jakarta to Geneva, where I should have to transit in Dubai for 4 hours. Also, I should have transit for 5 hours in Dubai when I had a flight from Geneva to Jakarta.
During my flight from Dubai to Geneva last time, I got three seats for myself! So relax! 
  • The Food? Oh, I love the food! It’s acceptable and luckily, it’s good for Muslim people, because they only serve Halal food. They always served delicious dessert!

  • The Entertainment. I love all of movies and music in Emirates. They have very good movies and song lists! So I never get bored during my flight. Moreover, in their new aeroplane, they also have WiFi on board! But you can only try to use it if the aeroplane has already reached above 30.000 ft if I am not mistaken. And it’s only limited for 200mb during 2 hours.
  • The View. Oh, I really love to see the view during my flight from Dubai to Geneva. It’s very beautiful and lovely! I really missed seeing that beauty.
Switzerland Alps
Just took off from Dubai International Airport
Flew up high in Switzerland
  • The Flight. So far, I could say it was one of best experience to fly with Emirates. I almost have no complaints about the flight!
  • Please, always do online check in prior to your flight. This is what I always do and remember to people around me, whenever we will have flight. Besides it helps you booked your flight, it is also will help you to find a better seat during your flight. If you prefer to sit in the aisle, I don’t know maybe because you have a problem to always go to the toilet every hour, so you can choose the aisle seat. But for me, if the flight will take during the morning or afternoon, I will prefer to choose the window seat, rather than the aisle. Because I could take many clouds pictures and if I am lucky enough, I can take the sun too! But during the night, I will prefer to choose the aisle seat.
  • Complete electricity needs! Emirates provide all of your electrical needs. I mean like if you want to charge your phone, they have the international socket and USB plugin. So you don’t have to worry, if your phone/laptop/tablet is low battery, you can just plug it on!
  • I love their wines!

TWO THUMBS UP experiences so far with Emirates! I would love to fly with Emirates next time ❤

#1st Review: Srilankan Airlines

I just came back from tiring and superb field trip and conferences in Sri Lanka last Thursday after a week stayed in there. That was my first time to go to one of South Asian countries, as well as my first time to visit Sri Lanka.

In here I would like to share with you about my experiences by using the Srilankan Airlines. Within 2 weeks prior my departure to Sri Lanka, so I booked my flight ticket through Skyscanner Website, from/to Jakarta – Colombo. Last time I got around IDR 4.800.000 or less than USD 357.

Before I booked the flight, I was asking to one of my Srilankan friend, is it okay to use this airplane, and yes he said it should be okay. Then I finally bought the flight! Oh talking about the price, so after I bought the flight ticket, after I also apply for my visa to Sri Lanka by using the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) System, it is applicable for 30 days visit. If you apply ETA online, then you will get cheaper price for USD 40, than if you proceed it at the airport which will cost for USD 50.

I got direct flight from Jakarta to Colombo, but my flight back from Colombo to Jakarta, I had transit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for 4 hours.

Anyway, as my promise, so here is my review about the Srilankan Airlines:

  • The departure and arrival time was exactly the same with the schedule. No delayed.
  • The seat was comfortable and they have nice leg room space, I mean for Southeast Asian people like me. It was wide enough.
  • They offered very nice and polite services. One of the cabin crew was giving me extra croissant for my breakfast on my flight from Colombo to Kuala Lumpur! I will never forget about him.
  • The plane is neat, clean and tidy. And I love they color, turquoise!
  • The food? Oh yeah, I will never forget about it. I always have a habit to take pictures of the food in every plane I used to travel. And they offered typical South Asian food, either with chicken curry or fish curry, at least for lunch time. And for breakfast, they have more Western kind of food with scrambled eggs and sausage, but still using they typical spices.
Food packaging in Srilankan Airlines
Tadaaa… Here is the chicken curry!
Breakfast in Srilankan Airlines
Scrambled Eggs with bread, sausages, green peas and tomato
  • I love their coffee! Or maybe it’s because I am a coffee person, haha.
  • They have many Indian or Bollywood movies and only few box office movies. And for many times, I chose to watched ‘Me Before You’ and ‘How to be Single’ movies. Comedy romance movies!
  • I don’t have any problem with their take-off and landing process. It was soft and nice ones.
  • Unfortunately, they don’t have USB plug and travel adapter charger in the seat. Like any other international airlines.
  • Easy to do the online check in! This is one of important thing to do 24h prior your flight. Usually, if the passenger was not really full by the time you booked, you can choose the seat wherever you want. Since I really like window seat and located in the back seat, so I always choose it. Because if you do it directly at the check in desk, sometimes they give you free to sit wherever you want, but usually they also give you charge for it.
  • Heavenly view by the window seat!
Up up in the sky high with Srilanka airlines
About to landed in Srilanka International Airport


So that my review about Srilankan Airlines. All over services was good!