WITT#19: Welcome, My Month!

Yassss! Welcoming June is always my favourite thing to do every year. Why? Because it's my birthday's month and it's a sign that summer season is coming! Somehow, June always gives me some heartbeats (and a headache) because it is a sign that my age will be added a year older. Then it will come... Continue Reading →

WITT #18: H-7 to go (back) to Stockholm!

I am so happy that next week, I will be back to the first travel (far away) abroad, first city, first country, first Scandinavian country, the first European country that I ever visited! Yes, it is Stockholm. Back to October 2015, I went to Stockholm for the Stockholm Internet Forum 2015 as one of the... Continue Reading →

WITT #17: Happy Birthday, Love. 

I heard all your wishes yesterday, so I promise to keep and help you to fulfil all of your wishes one by one. Because you know that I love you very much and I always want to be with you in my whole life.  Once again, happy birthday to you, Sayang.. 💞

WITT #16: Yessss, April!

Dear April, I was waiting for you a lot during last March. I am so happy that this month has come! There are some important events during this month. Like today, every 4th of April, we are celebrating Wedding Anniversary of my parents and also my brother and sister-in-law. This year, my parents turning to... Continue Reading →

WITT #15: Welcome, March!

Heyho! Sorry, I've been busy recently with some works these past few days and I guess it will be busier in upcoming weeks, even until at the end of this March. There will be some important events, short projects, and another reports to be finished. Let's cross fingers, everything gonna be alright! Anyway, I started... Continue Reading →

WITT #14: Bonne Année 2017

Hello, friends! Happy new year for all of you in every part of the world. This will be my first WITT post in 2017 and I am so excited about everything that this year will bring me to! But I hope it will bring full of happiness, excitement, laughter, loves, and more luck to me,... Continue Reading →

WITT #13: Achievements in 2016

Alhamdulillah, as we are getting close to the New Year 2017! There were so many things I’ve done in 2016 which bring me to the person who I am today. Huge thanks to my Mom’s prayers who always leads me to see the world perfectly with my imperfection! I feel grateful that Allah has already... Continue Reading →

Today is the day where we celebrate our life, our freedom and our rights! Happy 10th of December. Let’s we #StandUp4HumanRights #Istand4GenderEquality

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