WITT #27: Another months to wish for!


I feel like this year time running very fast, who is agree with me?

It feels like it was just yesterday we celebrate the New Year 2018, but today we are already in April! The fourth month of the year. And next month we will soon have a Ramadhan month (if you are a Muslim, you are probably can’t wait to welcome the Holy month again).  It is a month that we, as a Muslim, always cannot hardly wait to feel the feast and celebrate it with our family. This year probably will be my last Ramadhan month to celebrate and enjoy the fasting month with my whole family (HINT. I am going to marry with someone that I love the most and soon this year, we will build our ‘new life’ together, insya Allah). 

Anyways, I will not be talking about Ramadhan month in my post today. But I would like to share ‘What I am Thinking of Today’ (WITT).

Can’t imagine that my WITT already has the twenty-seventh post today! If some of you still not aware what kind of post that I produce or make in this category, basically it will talk more about my feeling, my thoughts and random things around me.

Instead of posting about what people usually do during the 1st day of April, which commonly known as ‘April mop’, but I would like to share a little bit of my deep anxiety in these past few weeks.

What’s then?

I am thinking of climate change.

Yes, let me rephrase.


It is worrying to know that our earth is getting much much much older today. When we are worrying more about our wrinkles, freckles, dark spots in our age every year, we do not realize that the earth we live in, also getting old. They do not show to us that they have freckles yet wrinkles, but it’s even beyond all of that. You probably know and realize there is always different feeling every year with our environment. I am living in Jakarta, Indonesia and I feel that the heat always different every day, somehow it gets lower as 25 degrees, but the other day it gets hotter like 34 degrees. That’s what we also have known as global warming.

I thought it just happen a lot in my country, with all climate changes, but in fact, I realised it also happen in anywhere else in this world. The 21st of March, 2018 actually was the first day of the spring season in Europe, but then, I saw in some of the countries in Europe there was still snow everywhere. The temperature even still lower than 6 degrees.

This is very worrying, indeed.

Another heartbreak moments once I have read an article from the Jakarta Post which has said:

Experts predict that before 2050, thousands of small islands and millions of houses in coastal areas across Indonesia will disappear due to rising sea levels caused by climate change.

As an archipelago island, Indonesia really faces a serious problem of environmental issues. The climate change problem in Indonesia not only about the rising of sea level, the polluted weather conditions, land degradation, flooding but also what we, as a human, always doing things which destroy our natural resources. Business enterprises also took part in destroying it.

As someone who is working on the human rights issue, also make me learn about our environmental issues. And for me, Indonesia has a serious problem about this. If you live in Jakarta, you absolutely could feel the weather and the unhealthy air that we breathe on the street… every day.

According to Vice, about 60 percent of Jakarta’s residents suffer from breathing problems associated with low air quality levels, according to a study conducted by Universitas Indonesia. Elevated pollution levels have also been linked to an increase in heart attacks and pneumonia.

I just wish that Jakartan and Indonesian people will be more aware of this kind of serious issue in our daily life. Sorry if I start this month by talking about a serious problem like this, but hopefully we can always do something to taking care of our environment.

Well, anyways… Hello April!

Loves, Astrid.


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WITT #26: First post in 2018!

Well, everybody will definitely say this on their social media, just right after the new year 2018! Who’s agree with me now?

In here, where everyone is enjoying barbeque time with family, dinner with their loved ones and hanging out with their friends, I’ve always chosen to be here, staying in my home, well technically in my lovely big bed, listening to the sound of many fireworks around my neighbourhood and this year… ‘enjoying’ my flu and fever.

I forgot since when I am extremely rare to go out during New Year, maybe after I graduated in 2012. Not because I don’t have friends to go out, but I just not really into ‘the celebration’ of the new year. For me, I prefer to stay at home, contemplate what I’ve been done this year, what I did to others, and what I will do in 2018.

Since 2014, I got chances to travel a lot inside and outside the country, I’ve gained so many experiences and many lessons learned almost every day, had chances to meet new networks and friends. Well, pretty much more than I have expected in my every New Year Resolutions and I feel very grateful for what I’ve been through.

2018 will be a year that I will start a new journey and a new phase of life with someone that I love the most! We just hope everything will run smoothly and everything will be fine as we expected. I also hope that I will have chances to travel around the world, of course, this year will be with my plus one.

So, what is your New Year resolution? You definitely can share your thoughts with me in comments below.

Oh anyway, a very happy NEW YEAR to all my readers!

Let’s hit another dream and make it happen!

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WITT #25: No more using MAS!

I would like to share with you about my experience used Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight company. So this was not my first experience using this airline company, but sorry to say, I think it will be my last time using this airline. I have heard so many people complaining about this airline because of the airline quite famous for their delayed or cancelled schedule and also their delayed baggage ‘services’.

And it just happened to me yesterday! I did not found my suitcase once I landed in Jakarta from Manila. So this is what happened before…

Friday, 15 December 2017

– 10.30 am (Manila time): I arrived at Ninoy International Airport Terminal 1, where Malaysia Airlines located in. I have online checked-in through their website, so I thought I just need to print my ticket there because I don’t want to put any baggage. But then the staff said that I have to put my cabin suitcase in their baggage because the weight is up to 12 kilograms. But I said “I just need one hour transfer time in KL, can you make sure that the baggage will arrive in time in Jakarta?” and she replied, “No worries, Mam. We will prioritize your baggage with the tag.” then she showed us the tag ‘HOT TRANSFER’ with a pink colour. Then finally I have to let them put my cabin suitcase in the baggage.

– 13.14 (Manila time): Our flight MH807 starts to take-off!

– 17.15 (KL time): Landed in Kuala Lumpur. I had to run once I walked out from the airplane, because my transit time is only for an hour, and it already passed around 15 minutes or so because the flight a little bit delayed. Fortunately, from KL to Jakarta it’s located at the same terminal but different a few gate numbers.

I was in a rush because actually I only have time around 25-30 minutes to finally boarding to another plane. Once I found the Gate H2, I went to the toilet first before I enter the security check.

I always have had the feeling that I really afraid my suitcase will do not have enough time to be moved to my other flight to Jakarta.

Then, yes, what I always thoughts is right.

What I always worried, it happened to me.

– 20.00 – 21.00 WIB (Jakarta time): I have safely landed at Soetta Airport, I walked a lil bit faster to go to the Autogate Immigration then to the baggage belt.  The first belt baggage came with a sign ‘Priority Baggage’, so I was thinking mine will be there. After waiting for 30 minutes, I couldn’t found my suitcase, then finally I realised that the sticker baggage already changed to AirAsia. Then I checked with the airport staff, and he said, the last baggage for Malaysia Airlines is already done 15 minutes ago! And I was like, WHAAAT… There are still around 10 people (more or less) who still waiting for the bag with me, stand nearby the gate even sat in the trolley. The staff escorted us to the ‘Lost and Found’ office, where a lot of people also had the same problem with me.

Their complaints were the same. This is strange because even the airport staff already gave our suitcases with ‘HOT TRANSFER’ and ‘PRIORITY’ tags, but it did not affect anything. Why they have still left our baggage in KL?

These are tags that they put it in my suitcase!

If the reason because of short transit that we had, they might have to change and improve their service to be faster or at least put more attention to detail. Don’t blame your passengers and says it’s our risk who booked flight tickets with a very short transfer, but with their tight schedule, they have to improve their service tho.

Saturday, 16 December 2017

– 12.00 pm: I called their office which located in the Soekarno Hatta International Airport Terminal 2 D, and she said, that my suitcase still did not find yet.

– 02.00 pm: They called me back and said that my suitcase has been found and they will send it directly to my home.

After waiting for almost 7 hours, I did not receive any call from them, so I thought to call their office again. They promised to call the agent and let me know when my suitcase will be delivered.

Even finally my suitcase was arrived, around 23.00 almost midnight, but I still feel confused why this kind of thing can happen (?)

I really hope MAS will improve their services because I heard about this not only a few times, but many times, even my boss and my colleague also experienced the same with me.

Is there anyone here who also experienced the same? Share your comment down below!


WITT #24: We meet again, Dec!


Finally, we are in the last month of 2017!

Even I am not celebrating Christmas but I always love to welcome December. The peak season of many things, specifically for work. From my experiences, we usually have a lot of works to do 3-months before the end of the year. This month I will still keep busy with giving a training, organize the conference, finalize some reports, etc.

Recently, I also was thinking about to make my blog into a business, instead of only to share my thoughts, hobbies, and feelings. I want to make something different from my routines working schedule and inspire my readers from what I wrote and what I create. Therefore, I won’t stop learning, reading, doing some research and really hope one day I can make a good business of what I really love to do.

Since I was a little, my parents always let me study or learned by myself. They weren’t always demanding me to be what they want and let me choose what I really want and need for myself. Most of the times, they were busy with their 9 to 5 work and almost rare to accompany me, even just to finish my homework. That time, I always thought that I cannot make it, gave up etc, but fortunately, it always gave me more spirit to bring out the best of me and show to them, that I can be better children and will always make them proud of me.

I was always kept myself busy with my friends, joined and involved in many organizations when I was in the university. Many ups and downs of my study, friendship, relationship and a lot of difficulties I had already experienced. I did not realize that it gives me a strength to face every problem wisely and to know what is the best for myself. Even, sometimes I also complaining and whining, but then I feel grateful for what I have and many experienced I’ve ever been through.

So for you who live in a good and having a prosperous life, don’t forget to always feel grateful and enjoy your life to the fullest.

See you very very soon, 2018!

With love,


WITT #23: Sebulan lagi Tahun Baru!

Sore ini baru saja saya disadarkan kalau sekarang kita sudah hampir memasuki penghujung bulan November 2017. Waktu benar-benar cepat berlalu, kadang saya mengharapkan agar waktu dapat berjalan perlahan, tapi berbeda dengan kali ini. Rasanya saya ingin sekali cepat-cepat memasuki tahun 2018!

Emang ada apa sih?

Masih rahasia, hehe.

Sebenarnya setiap memasuki penghujung tahun, perasaan saya bercampur aduk. Seringkali merasa sedih, karena harus meninggalkan momen-momen indah yang sudah kita lewati di tahun tersebut. Beberapa tahun belakangan ini, seketika Allah SWT mengabulkan doa-doa dan harapan ku satu per satu. Rasanya sampai gak bisa diungkapkan dengan kata apapun, kecuali alhamdulillah.

Bisa dibilang tahun 2016 dan 2017 merupakan dua tahun terpenting dan membahagiakan dalam hidup saya. Begitu banyak kejadian, pelajaran, pengalaman, pembelajaran. Pokoknya di kedua tahun tersebut, saya merasa dari berbagai kejadian yang saya alami, telah menjadikan diri saya menjadi pribadi yang lebih baik, juga meningkatnya proses pendewasaan yang ternyata (terkadang) terjadi di bawah alam sadar kita.


17 freaking awesome affirmations for 2017
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Tapi yang jelas, untuk tahun depan resolusi, doa dan harapannya gak mau terlalu muluk-muluk, semoga semua rencana yang telah direncakan dapat dijalankan dengan lancar dan baik!

Kalo kalian, ada yang sudah buat New Year Resolution belum? Yuk, sila di share di kolom komentar di bawah ini!

Semoga aja wishlist dan resolusi kita semua dapat terwujud di tahun depan!




WITT #22: People said, you deserve someone’s better

In every circumstance of life, every ups and downs, every loss and found, every takes and give, every good and bad, for the better and worse, we all must experience it. Sometimes we have to understand the difference, to know how to be tolerant. We also have to learn to give, before we take everything for granted. Sometimes we also have to fall in love with the wrong person, to make us realize and seeking who’s really right for us.

And to be loved, I believe, we have to learn how to love ourselves before loving someone else’s.

I’ve been experiencing every ups and downs about love, I even ever thought that life is always unfair to me. When my friends look very happy with their lover and seem never feel hurt, but I always feel this world and love is always cruel to me. Many one-sided love I’ve experienced, being used, being dumped, being cheated.

And there was a point in our life, that made me thought about questions which came up to my mind;

When I will deserve someone who always bring me to happiness, laughter, and love, eternally? Will I deserve someone better?

It is indeed, takes (more) time to get what you really deserve.

I realize that love does not always have a happy ending. But I believe, we all can be happy as long as we are the one who ‘create’ that happiness. Not only for people that we love, but also for people that may be, in some point of our life, we forgot how to be grateful because we already have our family, best friends, and all of them… which matters.

Maybe we are too busy spending our lives, fighting for people who only make us disappoint and only have an intention of hurting us. We also too busy holding on with people who actually, don’t want to respect us. But all those things have brought us at some points in life, how we can respect people when we even can’t respect ourselves?

Now I finally found someone, which at first I always think, I do not deserve him, someone who always very nice, loving, very patients, caring, sweet and always respect me, my family and my friends.

The conclusion is: me, you and all of us deserve someone better.

WITT #21: Vlog vs Blog

[Language: Bahasa Indonesia + English]

Beberapa waktu ini, aku lagi rajin banget “nongkrongin” Youtube. Alasannya? Mungkin sama dengan sebagian besar orang-orang pada umumnya, yaitu nontonin Vlog dari beberapa public figure, ada yang bikin video mukbang (Korean, means: menayangkan video yang isinya orang lagi makan dalam jumlah yang buanyak!), showing off their travel journey ataupun hanya sekadar nonton beauty tips and recommendation.

Vlog ini bisa dibilang hal yang lagi rame banget di Indonesia, karena simply because it makes you rich and famous! Even you don’t have to be celebrities or model. Ini tentu menjadi sebuah kultur baru di Indonesia, khususnya untuk para muda-mudi yang kreatif, juga para millennials yang mencari ketenaran.

Dibandingkan dengan blog yang mungkin sebagian orang it’s so last yeaaar, vlog ini sangat happening, karena kita tinggal play, pause, forward, backward dan reply sesuka kita. Dilengkapi dengan audio, video dan animasinya, bikin vlog ini lebih easy to enjoy it and more real-time! Pada setuju gak, sih?!

Sebenarnya, post aku ini lebih kepada ingin mengungkapkan rasa kegamangan (halah!) aku as a loyal blog-reader and writer. Jadi tuh, selalu kepikiran dan mempertanyakan, apakah sebegitu happening nya si vlog-vlog ini sehingga akan mengurangi budaya kita untuk membaca?

Misalnya, membaca blog.

Padahal setelah dipikir-pikir, jika dibandingkan, yang mana lebih mudah antara vlog dan blog, jelas jauh lebih mudah nge-blog sih. Karena kita tinggal sediain konten tulisan, mau idenya seperti apa, terus bagi yang mau lebih menarik, bisa masukin beberapa foto pendukung untuk mempercantik tulisan kita, lalu tinggal publish deh! Beda banget sama nge-vlog, kita harus banyak ambil footage video, belajar untuk edit video, buat konten dengan konsep yang menarik dan eye-catching, atur audio dan masih banyak hal lainnya. Untuk sebagian orang mungkin nge-vlog jauh lebih memudahkan dan tentu, menguntungkan! Tapi kemudian, apakah ini menjadi tanda blogging will be extinct very very soon? NOOOO.. I really hope it won’t happen.

Emang kenapa?

Aku itu termasuk orang yang harus, wajib banget membaca setiap harinya. Kalau lagi gak ada buku atau novel yang menarik untuk dibaca, at least, aku sempat-sempatin baca berbagai macam artikel, berita, bahkan sekadar pengalaman atau tulisan dari bloggers yang aku follow! Biar apa emangnya? Gak biar kenapa-kenapa sih, but…

“Reading will always fill my soul and my mind. It is more than just a habit.”

Iya, jadi sepenting itu buat aku untuk membaca setiap harinya. Selalu ada esensi khusus yang aku rasakan setiap membaca yang menurut aku, gak bisa dibandingkan dengan ketika kita menonton video dari para vloggers. Ya, walaupun sekarang juga disambi buat nonton vlog yang kebanyakan soal travel sama kuliner sih.

Ada kepikiran untuk buat vlog?

Ada banget! Tapi aku itu gak sepede dan senarsis itu sih ngobrol depan kamera, I feel myself more comfortable behind the camera than in front. Sejauh ini, masih sangat menikmati untuk menulis dan mengekspresikan diri dengan menulis di blog, instead of video.

Walaupun sebenarnya, selama aku jalan-jalan atau traveling, aku selalu dan hampir gak pernah lupa untuk mendokumentasikan perjalanan aku baik dengan foto maupun video. Jadi, ya cukup banyak foto dan video yang aku ambil, walaupun masih sangat gak profesional sih.

Nah, kalau menurut kalian mendingan baca blog atau nonton vlog? Terus masih ada gak sih yang baca blog orang “gini hari”…? Leave your comment below ya!


WITT #20: After Birthday, New Baby Born!

Me and my family was really happy and yet, nervous since at the end of last week! Because my older sister was having her due date of her pregnancy. The doctor said the due date approximately around 12 – 19 June 2017 (which is on my birthday on the 19th!). In the afternoon during my birthday, my Mom accompanied my sister went to the hospital as advised by the Doctor. We were waiting for few days at home but the baby had not come yet until 20 June midnight, so the doctor finally told her that they need to do sectio caesarea for the baby.

It was such a depressing and deeply saddened for us, because we never expect that will happened to my sister and seven years ago, she gave a normal birth for her first baby. I believe it must be very tough for my sister to experience such a thing. But then we kept reminding my sister that the most important thing is her baby’s health.

After stayed for 2 and half days, finally the baby girl came to this earth! Yaaasss..

We are so happy to welcome the baby! And since the first day she came to this world, I can’t barely stop to looking at her cute and lovely face.


Welcome to this world baby Aspasya…


Love, xoxo

WITT #19: Welcome, My Month!

Hello June and Welcome New Month!! #hellojune #welcomejune #begoodtome #summeriscoming #june #summertime #summersunshine #pinacolada #fruitcocktail #palmtrees #sunshine #winsometaylordesigns:
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Yassss! Welcoming June is always my favourite thing to do every year. Why? Because it’s my birthday’s month and it’s a sign that summer season is coming!

Somehow, June always gives me some heartbeats (and a headache) because it is a sign that my age will be added a year older. Then it will come many questions like, what I have already done during all years? What kind of good deeds I did to other people? Did I’ve done something useful for others? Do I already make my parents happy and proud of me during my whole life?

Lots of questions will come up to my mind and after more and more wishes, I will say during my birthday.

But I feel more grateful for things that I already had and all things that I have spent these past few years. Allah has been very kind to me, my family and people that I love. I’ve been experiencing ups and downs too these past few years, but it make me learn a lot, it make me grown up as the best version of myself and I will never stop to learn to be better.

Oh, I have so many things going on in my head now, I have so many stories to tell and share it on my blog, and I can’t stop to tell the world, that I am a very lucky girl and (hopefully) will always be.

Happy June, my lovelies!


Oh yes, in case some of you who keep asking what is WITT? It is the abbreviation of ‘What I am Thinking of Today?’. It almost tells how I feel, what I am doing and what I wanna do 🙂

WITT #18: H-7 to go (back) to Stockholm!

I am so happy that next week, I will be back to the first travel (far away) abroad, first city, first country, first Scandinavian country, the first European country that I ever visited! Yes, it is Stockholm.

Back to October 2015, I went to Stockholm for the Stockholm Internet Forum 2015 as one of the participants. It was the best experiences so far for me, I met with a lot of new friends and networking. And surprisingly, I never thought that a country which located in the north part of the world could be very beautiful with their original sparkling colour which also divided by some lakes.

I love how the old city in Stockholm gave a new spirit, enthusiasm, and incredible feeling! And this year, actually it’s next week, I will have a flight to Stockholm again to attend the Stockholm Internet Forum 2017! It’s an honour for me to be back and participate a huge forum like that. And can’t hardly wait to gain new knowledge, new friends and of course, new experience and excitement!

I will try to write some blog posts about the conference and my adventure or journey to Stockholm Part 2!

See ya..