2nd #OurParisBucketlists Checked: Le Consulat

I could say that I fell in love with the Montmartre area. For me, it's very different with Parisienne neighbourhood as in general. The buildings in Montmartre was more original and some are old buildings which turned into cafe, souvenir shop, and restaurant. I just wondering it could be beautiful to live around there, but... Continue Reading →

Dreams of Paris (with the best partner)

Who's never had a dream to visit the most beautiful and romantic city like Paris? Well, the term of the most beautiful and romantic city can be different from each people's perspectives. But for me, Paris is indeed the most romantic city in the world. I've been to Paris two times, first was during autumn... Continue Reading →

#6th Review: Morrissey Hotel, Jakarta

Hello, my lovelies readers! It's been a long time since I wrote my last hotel review. Today I am gonna write my review during my stay in Morrissey Hotel, Jakarta! For Jakartans people, maybe already know about Morrissey Hotel. I have stayed in there for few times before, and I found its really great place... Continue Reading →

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