#8th Review: Pullman Bangkok Hotel G, Thailand

Yes, I know it’s been so long I did not make any review or recommendation. But no worries, I will give you my hotel review when I travelled to Bangkok, Thailand last week. It was quite short travel as I only stayed there to attend few days of the regional meeting related to my works. And the organizer gave us the twin shared room in Pullman Hotel G, which is located in one of a very good area in Bangkok, the area name is Silom road.

That was actually my second visit to Bangkok back in 2014, but I actually still very familiar with their road, the good places and restaurants. I could say, Bangkok is one of my favourite big city in the world!

And oh well, let me show you the hotel room look like…

view from the entrance

twin shared bed room overview

We’ve got a quite spacey hotel room for two. And I love their room because white everywhere. Make it looks like very big and clean. They also provide a mini refrigerator, spacious chest to restore your clothes, water heater, mini bar, the safety deposit box and the iron!

the most important, the iron!

Oh yes, as you can see below, they also have a big flat screen TV! But we never used it anyway, as the main channels were in Thai, also some Chinese, etc. Maybe because we were not really into the TV, and always worked hard every night after a whole day meeting.

Oh yes, the most favourite thing of my room was the bath and shower room! It is almost my dream bathroom, lol.

very nice bathtub

a spacious shower room with beautiful patterns ceramics

The breakfast was also very complete, of course, it’s a five stars hotel! They have Western, Chinese, and any Asian food to fulfil your indulgence and your happy tummy! But, unfortunately, their coffee taste bad for me. I much much prefer the coffee which they served for the coffee break during the meeting.

The hotel location was very good, very close to the sky train station, which called BTS. The closest BTS station name is Chong Nonsi. It is also very close to the Patpong Night Market, where you can go window shopping, as well as enjoy many cafes and bars in there. Well, you might find very “unique” bars in there (you know what I mean, for those who ever been there). Besides, there are many Seven Eleven mini shops, where you can get any kind of unique snacks which typically Thai or even Korean. I was so happy as I easily get Samyang Nuclear in there! Hahaha. Sorry, out of topic.

But overall, my stay was very good, except, during the check-in process they asked to give them 3,000 Baht which is equal to IDR 1.400.000 or at least EUR 100 for deposit, which was quite rare (and that was actually my first experience), as the hotel room has been paid and arranged by the organizer. But don’t worry, as they will give your money back, or if you use the credit card, they will cancel it after you check-out from the hotel.

Well anyway, never mind.

For me, the hotel is very good for the couple, holiday with a family, friendly environment, very good for people with disabilities, also business purposes. We had 3-days meetings in a very high point of the hotel which was on the 30th floor! We even can see the beautiful skyscrapers and high building surround.

Well, I won’t recommend this hotel for those who are budget backpacker, as the price is quite pricey.

188 Si Lom, Bangrak, Khet Bang Rak, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10500, Thailand


WITT #21: Vlog vs Blog

[Language: Bahasa Indonesia + English]

Beberapa waktu ini, aku lagi rajin banget “nongkrongin” Youtube. Alasannya? Mungkin sama dengan sebagian besar orang-orang pada umumnya, yaitu nontonin Vlog dari beberapa public figure, ada yang bikin video mukbang (Korean, means: menayangkan video yang isinya orang lagi makan dalam jumlah yang buanyak!), showing off their travel journey ataupun hanya sekadar nonton beauty tips and recommendation.

Vlog ini bisa dibilang hal yang lagi rame banget di Indonesia, karena simply because it makes you rich and famous! Even you don’t have to be celebrities or model. Ini tentu menjadi sebuah kultur baru di Indonesia, khususnya untuk para muda-mudi yang kreatif, juga para millennials yang mencari ketenaran.

Dibandingkan dengan blog yang mungkin sebagian orang it’s so last yeaaar, vlog ini sangat happening, karena kita tinggal play, pause, forward, backward dan reply sesuka kita. Dilengkapi dengan audio, video dan animasinya, bikin vlog ini lebih easy to enjoy it and more real-time! Pada setuju gak, sih?!

Sebenarnya, post aku ini lebih kepada ingin mengungkapkan rasa kegamangan (halah!) aku as a loyal blog-reader and writer. Jadi tuh, selalu kepikiran dan mempertanyakan, apakah sebegitu happening nya si vlog-vlog ini sehingga akan mengurangi budaya kita untuk membaca?

Misalnya, membaca blog.

Padahal setelah dipikir-pikir, jika dibandingkan, yang mana lebih mudah antara vlog dan blog, jelas jauh lebih mudah nge-blog sih. Karena kita tinggal sediain konten tulisan, mau idenya seperti apa, terus bagi yang mau lebih menarik, bisa masukin beberapa foto pendukung untuk mempercantik tulisan kita, lalu tinggal publish deh! Beda banget sama nge-vlog, kita harus banyak ambil footage video, belajar untuk edit video, buat konten dengan konsep yang menarik dan eye-catching, atur audio dan masih banyak hal lainnya. Untuk sebagian orang mungkin nge-vlog jauh lebih memudahkan dan tentu, menguntungkan! Tapi kemudian, apakah ini menjadi tanda blogging will be extinct very very soon? NOOOO.. I really hope it won’t happen.

Emang kenapa?

Aku itu termasuk orang yang harus, wajib banget membaca setiap harinya. Kalau lagi gak ada buku atau novel yang menarik untuk dibaca, at least, aku sempat-sempatin baca berbagai macam artikel, berita, bahkan sekadar pengalaman atau tulisan dari bloggers yang aku follow! Biar apa emangnya? Gak biar kenapa-kenapa sih, but…

“Reading will always fill my soul and my mind. It is more than just a habit.”

Iya, jadi sepenting itu buat aku untuk membaca setiap harinya. Selalu ada esensi khusus yang aku rasakan setiap membaca yang menurut aku, gak bisa dibandingkan dengan ketika kita menonton video dari para vloggers. Ya, walaupun sekarang juga disambi buat nonton vlog yang kebanyakan soal travel sama kuliner sih.

Ada kepikiran untuk buat vlog?

Ada banget! Tapi aku itu gak sepede dan senarsis itu sih ngobrol depan kamera, I feel myself more comfortable behind the camera than in front. Sejauh ini, masih sangat menikmati untuk menulis dan mengekspresikan diri dengan menulis di blog, instead of video.

Walaupun sebenarnya, selama aku jalan-jalan atau traveling, aku selalu dan hampir gak pernah lupa untuk mendokumentasikan perjalanan aku baik dengan foto maupun video. Jadi, ya cukup banyak foto dan video yang aku ambil, walaupun masih sangat gak profesional sih.

Nah, kalau menurut kalian mendingan baca blog atau nonton vlog? Terus masih ada gak sih yang baca blog orang “gini hari”…? Leave your comment below ya!


Book Review #2 – When William Traynor left…

How do you move on after losing the person you loved? How do you build a life worth living?

Book Title: “After You”

Writer: Jojo Moyes

Genre: Romance Comedy

Year: 2016

Published by: Penguin Books

Pages: 407 pages


22 Favorite Quotes From Best Selling Books To Keep Your Heart Warm (Part II) | Loud Life
Picture from Pinterest.


I think some of you already watched the movie called “Me Before You” with the actors Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke. For me, the movie was very touchy and has successfully made me cry every time I re-watched it or maybe because I am the one who is very whiny with romantic movies.

Well, I won’t talk about the first book and the movie, but I will talk about the second book which titled, “After You”. I bought this book when I had to wait for my next flight from Stockholm to Jakarta last May 2017 and just finished reading the book couple weeks ago. And it always makes me wanted to continue to read it till finished.

waiting for boarding in Arlanda Airport, Stockholm

Moving on and starting over something after broken hearted and deep-loss might be very difficult for some people like Louisa Clark did after William Traynor had passed away. It has been a hard time for Louisa to “just live well” after Will’s death and it showed Lou’s struggle with moving on. It showed how his death affected other characters and how people struggled to relate following such a tragedy. Louisa even has to join and attends Moving On support group, but it doesn’t make her feel much better and forget about Will so easily, moreover when she finally met with a-16-years old girl named, Lily.

Who is Lily? — is becoming an important part of this book. Since she came to Louisa’s life, it has brought a rollercoaster to Louisa’s life, just like Will Traynor did before. Also another and new important person to Louisa’s life, the Ambulance guy, “Sam” also brought new colour of her love life after Will’s death. He is a pretty much very lovely guy and has successfully brought happiness into Louisa’s life changing, and of course, to help her move on after Will’s death.

The family issue also happened in the second sequel to this book, both Lou’s family and Will’s family. After Will’s death, his parents decided to divorce and live their own life. What was happening to their family? You will also discover their story in this sequel!

All over, “After You” makes the whole story of Lou and Will little bit complicated at first, but finally I enjoyed to read this book and it still worth to read if you really curious about the whole love story of Louisa and Will Traynor.

Our 3rd Paris Bucket Lists Checked: Notre Dame St. Michel Cathedral

In this post, I will still talk about me and my significant other’s bucket lists during our last trip to Paris. It was just last month since I went back from my second trip to Paris, we had so much fun last time which we’ll never forget.

Every time I travel abroad, especially to European countries, I always spare my times to visit some worship places, most of the times I went to many cathedrals just wants to see their old architecture as well as the interior design of the cathedrals. Basically, I love architecture and interior design, since long time ago.

So here I am gonna show you our good times during our visit to the famous and oldest Cathedral in Paris…

Notre Dame Cathedral.

It was a beautiful day during spring!

That was my second time to visit Notre Dame Cathedral. My first time went there back in 2015, but I was not able to go inside the Cathedral because I had limited short time of visit and plus, the queue was very loooong! Last month I went there with my boyfriend, the queue also very long but then it faster for the visitors who wanted to go in.

Oh, look at the details of the front of the building (Western facade)

As you can see from the whole architecture of this building, it is a medieval Catholic cathedral and very well-known as one of French Gothic architecture. The construction has begun in 1163 during Louis VII, and the elements were completed around 1345.

The Evolution of the Cathedral in France

As a Moslem, I really love to see and visit gothic cathedrals in Europe because first, we don’t have such very old buildings in my hometown, Jakarta. So it will be different experiences for me. And the last, I like to learn how they pray and try to look at every different worship places, as well as to understand their histories. I was so lucky that I have French boyfriend which also was my personal tour guide in Paris, so he could tell me all about the church and its history. Merci beaucoup mon sayang.. Bisous!

A view from the left-side of the Cathedral

In Indonesia, we have a lot of mosques, churches, monasteries (Vihara/Wihara is a Buddhist worship place), and some of the Hinduist temples (there are many of Hinduist temples in Bali). For me, it is important to learn other religious activities and cultures, because it will make us understand to each other’s belief as well as to embrace the differenciancies.

Magnificent view from behind of the Cathedral

Okay back to this Notre Dame, this cathedral located in Central of Paris. Where you can get the transportation easily by RER B (blue line), RER C (yellow line), and Metro Line 4 (fuschia), besides you can also reach the place easily by some busses.


Pictures was taken by me.

5th Arrondissement of Paris, Île de la Cité.

Misogyny Crisis — Wait, what?

Since I was in junior high school, I always have few of female friends and so many of male (best) friends. The reason?

Girls are so much drama!

Is there anyone think the same with me?

I believe there is some female who has same thoughts as me.

Recently, I just read a very interesting article posted by Everyday Feminism. For those who did not know about this website, please go check their website here. Just like the name, it talks all about feminism, women empowerment and other queer-talks!

So, they published an article which very enlightened me about what is it called misogyny and internalised misogyny. Okay, first I would like to explain what is misogyny. According to the Urban Dictionary, misogyny is:

(1)…to hate women, think less of them or show distrust, solely based on their gender.
(2) A word modern feminists have hijacked so they can ignore any form of evidence, facts or logic that doesn’t push their misogynistic, misandry agenda.

In short word, it means a prejudice against women. The act of comparing a girl with other girls and/or boys also one of the examples.

Wait, what?

Yes, I had a (big) mistake when I said being a friend with ‘girls are so much drama’ because it is one of the common phrases which I directly involved in promoting and demonstrating the term of internalised misogyny. Why?

“When it comes to women who believe they are inferior to men, that’s we called internalised misogyny

It makes me realised that every word we’ve said and about to say, we have to think it carefully first, but it should not be a barrier for us to express our opinion and expression. This ‘new term’ make me realised that internalised misogyny could be and often happened in our daily lives and most of the times we did not understand whether the words that we used is just a mere jokes or truly has the intention to mock that person.

That is why it is important to educate people in general, reading and trying to understand more about problematic things in our daily lives, as well as to heal from this kind of mental ‘illness’.

These are what I read about “4 Common Phrases that Demonstrate Internalised Misogyny” from the articles:

  1. “I am not like other girls” — Surprisingly, this simple phrase preserves the idea which makes the gender stereotypes are true.
  2. “I would rather hang out with boys than girls, girls are so much drama!” — It feels like slapping me hundred times on my face! It has said that phrase reflects a harmful stereotype.
  3. “Unlike other women, I have morals” — Calling all the women who always think they are more pure, faithful, virgin than any other women. Don’t ever judge women by the way she wants to do anything with their body and mind, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your rights.
  4. “Real women …” — Often, the phrase is used to praise women who behave as they’re traditionally expected to behave. It’s used to reinforce the idea that women must be nurturing, well-dressed, and in a monogamous relationship with a man.
Be happy to be like other girls! They are awesome!...loving the red noses! XD
Source: Pinterest

See? Those words are the simple phrases that some of us have said in the past or even until today. We often criticising women who having sex to fulfil their sexual needs (outside marriage) and accused them that they’re immoral simply because of their choices. So for me, it is true rather than criticising women for having sex, we should criticise society for shaming people based on their sexual behaviour.

Read more this article here.

Xoxo – Astrid

WITT #20: After Birthday, New Baby Born!

Me and my family was really happy and yet, nervous since at the end of last week! Because my older sister was having her due date of her pregnancy. The doctor said the due date approximately around 12 – 19 June 2017 (which is on my birthday on the 19th!). In the afternoon during my birthday, my Mom accompanied my sister went to the hospital as advised by the Doctor. We were waiting for few days at home but the baby had not come yet until 20 June midnight, so the doctor finally told her that they need to do sectio caesarea for the baby.

It was such a depressing and deeply saddened for us, because we never expect that will happened to my sister and seven years ago, she gave a normal birth for her first baby. I believe it must be very tough for my sister to experience such a thing. But then we kept reminding my sister that the most important thing is her baby’s health.

After stayed for 2 and half days, finally the baby girl came to this earth! Yaaasss..

We are so happy to welcome the baby! And since the first day she came to this world, I can’t barely stop to looking at her cute and lovely face.


Welcome to this world baby Aspasya…


Love, xoxo

Our 2nd Paris Bucket Lists Checked: Le Consulat, Montmartre

I could say that I fell in love with the Montmartre area. For me, it’s very different with Parisienne neighbourhood as in general. The buildings in Montmartre was more original and some are old buildings which turned into cafe, souvenir shop, and restaurant. I just wondering it could be beautiful to live around there, but on the other hand, it could be also a disaster because there is always so many foreign tourists in the area.

If you ever watched movies like Amélie, Midnight in Paris, Paris, I love you and Moulin Rouge, those are a few movie titles which had the movie set in Montmartre.This area also very well-known of a famous basilica called, Sacré-Cœur, there is also Moulin Rouge and this cafe…

Le Consulat

It was our first day together in Paris and we looooved it!

After a long journey from our place which located in south part of Paris then took a Metro to go to Sacré-Cœur, finally, we decided to have lunch in this cafe! Yassss, so happy. It was always on my bucket lists every time I visit Paris. I knew this restaurant maybe since earlier in 2000s, from many pictures that I pinned on my Pinterest and Googled! Somehow I also see that this cafe is a romantic one compare to the others cafe surround.

And because, I loooove the red colour, of course!

We were lucky because it was a sunny and beautiful day when we were there, even we had a bit of rain, but after the sun was shining brightly in front of the cafe.

This is the lovely guy who was helped me to fulfilled #OurParisBucketlists. Love you! XOXO

Well, in terms of the food in the menu, the price it’s quite pricey for some food. And oh, I really love the Omelette with fromage and champignon with the salad. Lovelovelove and so tasty!

Since we have common favourite food, like the mushroom, cheese, croissant, pain au chocolat, salad, nasi goreng and spices like garlic, onion, shallot and many more, so it was easy to pick the food for us.

Relaxed outside Le Consulat resto

We bought the Omelette with Fromage and Champignon and as a dessert we ordered Crêpes! The price for the omelette is around EUR 11, while Crêpes is EUR 7 (if I am not mistaken). They also have some other foods like some kind of salads, crêpes, pasta, seafood and any kind of drinks like wines, beers, cafe latte, cappuccino, and many more.

It was a sunny day in Montmartre
Look my happy face! I wore my new Parisienne red hat which I bought in souvenir shop around there!

So, don’t forget to stop by at this cafe once you will be in Montmartre!


Picture was taken by: Me and him

Address: 18 Rue Norvins, 75018 Paris, France

Pose ala-ala Raisa di Regeringsgatan Bridge

Language: Bahasa Indonesia

Ada yang masih inget salah satu Instagram post-nya Raisa Adriana, salah satu penyanyi tersohor di Indonesia di bawah ini?

Kalau gak salah ini diambil dari salah satu scene video klip Raisa x Isyana yang berjudul “Anganku Anganmu”. Bagi yang belum lihat video clip nya, silahkan klik di link ini.

Pas lihat post foto Raisa diatas dan juga video klip nya, rasa-rasanya seperti flashback ke masa-masa pertama kali berkesempatan business trip ke Stockholm untuk pertama kalinya pada Musim Gugur tahun 2015 lalu. Saat itu juga pertama kalinya travel abroad dengan long haul dan pertama kalinya juga menginjakan kaki di salah satu Negara Eropa dan Scandinavia. Jadi, senangnya bukan main.

Saat itu, udah sempat melewati dan melihat lokasi foto Raisa di atas, dan di beberapa footage yang ada di dalam video klip Raisa x Isyana, jadi makin flashback dan kepingin banget balik lagi ke Stockholm.

Sebelum video ini dirilis, sebenarnya aku sudah mendapatkan kesempatan (lagi) untuk datang ke salah satu forum internasional yang sempat aku hadiri pada tahun 2015 lalu. Jadi, kalau tidak salah, awal atau pertengahan Januari 2017, undangan dari penyelenggara forum tersebut masuk ke dalam email ku. Senangnya bukan main, pas dikirim undangan itu, karena itu berarti aku berkesempatan untuk kembali lagi ke Stockholm, Swedia!

Dua bulan setelah video klip mereka dirilis, tibalah aku di Stockholm! Tepatnya pada tanggal 15 Mei 2017 lalu. Walaupun, sudah memasuki Musim Semi mengarah ke Musim Panas, menurut aku suhu dan angin yang berhembus masih sangat dingin (maklum mental anak tropis). Di beberapa waktu, aku pun masih sempat merasakan suhu sekitar 4 derajat Celsius! Kebayang kan dinginnnya?

Hari pertama tiba di Stockholm, aku sempat capek banget, mungkin karena perjalanan yang panjang dengan rute Jakarta – Bangkok (3 jam 50 menit), lalu transit di Bangkok selama +/- 2 jam, dan kemudian lanjut dari Bangkok – Stockholm (hampir 11 jam), ditambah mata rasanya gak ngantuk-ngantuk selama perjalanan di pesawat, dan harus menunggu jemputan dari Bandara ke Hotel Clarion Stockholm selama hampir 2 jam lamanya, jadilah akhirnya memilih untuk istirahat di hotel selama +/- 2 jam.

Agak sorean, aku menghubungi salah satu teman ku, Abi, yang sedang studi di Uppsala, salah satu kota yang terletak di bagian Utara Stockholm, kira-kira menempuh waktu sekitar 45 menit – 1 jam naik kereta untuk ke Stockholm. Akhirnya, kita memutuskan untuk janjian ketemuan di Central Station Stockholm. Setelah ketemu, kita memilih untuk jalan-jalan sekitaran pusat kota dan iseng-iseng mencari lokasi syuting foto Raisa itu, lalu just had a fika di salah satu coffee shop di Kungsgatan.

Niat awalnya, Abi mau aku jadikan ‘tour guide’, eh gak taunya, malah lebih pahaman aku kalau cuman sekedar sekitaran pusat kota dan menemukan dimana lokasi syutingnya Raisa seperti foto diatas, hahaha. Tapi ada gunanya juga sih jalan sama dia, jadi bisa tau lokasi terakhir kejadian aksi terrorist yang ada di Stockholm beberapa waktu lalu.

Setelah jalan-jalan sambil rumpi, akhirnya kita ketemu juga sama lokasinya! Noraknya ampun-ampunan pas ketemu, mau ambil fotonya pun juga gak kalah heboh.

Mau tau hasilnya? Ini dia nih..

Jelas jauh banget sih dari sisi kemiripan, tapi gak apa-apa lah ya, judulnya juga foto pose ala-ala Raisa.

Fotografer: Abi

Lokasi: Regeringsgatan Bridge, Kungsgatan area, Stockholm – Sweden