About Me

HER LOVE ABOUT is a blog which hopes will bring inspirations to her readers around the globe. It tells not only about what I love, but also what you (will) love in this world through my words, perspective and point of view, visualization and ideas. I will talk and share almost everything so you won’t get easily bored to read it! Pictures which posted on this blog mostly taken by me and my fiance.


Astrid Maharani Caturiadikrishna is ‘her’ name. An Indonesian blogger who has dreams to be a professional blog writer, world traveler, a great wife, and mother. Currently, she is working as a full-time human rights worker. She is always enjoying her times by enjoy doing amateur photography, daydreaming, collecting postcards, playing with her nephews, listening to her favorite music playlists, writing piece by piece of words to live by, as well as to express her feeling towards everything in this world.

She is a powerful and complicated Geminian who’s really addicted to cappuccino and coffee very bad. She also has many dreams and currently, she is working to achieve it one by one. Geneva and France are “home” where she belongs to finding herself. Besides her current job, she is also looking for a scholarship to pursue her Master program which focuses on human rights, digital rights, social and gender issues.

Her life partner, unconditional love, and source of happiness: Igor Girault

“Thank you for your biggest support, your #wonderfulove and a huge contributor to this blog! Love you, Sayang! xx”

If you want to get to know each other, any further inquiries, endorsement, and advertising, you can contact her through this email: meagainsthewords@gmail.com

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