1st Movie Review : Poppy the cutest pinky Trolls

Oh, I am so in love with this animation movie by Dream Works production!

And yes, it is…. TROLLS! Now, I would like to give my review about Trolls movie for your recommendation.

Here we go…

Initial Trolls teaser poster:

Trolls are very cute, attractive, colourful and very energetic cartoon animation that I ever saw! It is actually inspired by the tall-haired troll dolls that first became popular in the 1960s. Well, I was not born yet in that years, but I ever had some of the trolls dolls gave from my older sister! The main role here is the Princess called, Poppy which voiced by Anna Kendrick, one of my favourite actress as well! And she has a grumpy not-so-closed-friend called, Branch which voiced by Justin Timberlake.

Return to the main poster page for Trolls (#9 of 18):

The story tells about the bad history between the Bergen and the Trolls long time ago. Where the Trolls should have to escape from the hungry Bergen troops to not be eaten by them. As a leader of the Trolls troops, Poppy who really liked to singing and party in their village, she tried to make sure that their village is already safe from the Bergen, so the troops should not be worried or afraid if they want to have some fun, even Branch already remind all of them many times, that they should not have partied too loud, because it will provoke Bergen to catch and eat them! And he was right, the Bergen came caught and keep them in a cage to prepare to be eaten by them. Poppy feel guilty about her troops who already look like her family, so she tried to rescue her friends from the troll-hungry Bergen.

Along the way, this animation movie trying to give us lessons about the importance of inner happiness, being proud of where we come, the strong of friendship, empathy feeling, and never giving up. Besides, I also love their songs, very catchy and easy listening!

Very recommended for all of the ages! And I am sure children will very love the movie! 🙂

Happy watching, friends!

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