France Travel Bucket-list

  1. Paris DONE
  2. Provence-Alpes-Côte
  3. Cannes
  4. Marseille
  5. Annecy DONE
  6. Strasbourg DONE
  7. Chamonix DONE
  8. Toulouse DONE
  9. Dijon DONE
  10. Grenoble
  11. Alsace DONE
  12. Colmar DONE
  13. Normandy DONE
  14. Bordeaux
  15. Nice
  16. Nancy
  17. Lille
  18. Avignon
  19. Verdon Gorge
  20. Montpellier
  21. Bordeaux
  22. Lyon DONE
  23. Orléans DONE
  24. Versailles DONE
  25. Rennes
  26. Clermont-Ferrand
  27. Caen
  28. Le Havre
  29. Saint-Étienne
  30. Nîmes
  31. Ferney-Voltaire DONE
  32. Jura DONE
  33. Calais
  34. Rouen DONE

… and there will be another city in France, that I would like to visit. I will never get bored with France. Moreover, now I have my life partner who lives in there! I would like to discover France and the world with him.

Someone that I adore.

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