7 Things Why You Have to Stop Body-Shaming

Why your skins look so pale? Why you look even fatter than last month? Why your skin looks even darker than usual? Why, why, why…

I bet you all heard this kind of ‘illness’ conversation once in your life. Most of the times, in here we are getting used to starting a conversation with ‘Kok kamu gendutan sih? Kok kamu kurusan sih? Kok kamu kelihatan gendut di foto? Kok, kok, kok…’ instead of hearing people ask you with ‘How are you? How is your work? How is your family? etc’.

Why I said this conversation is ‘illness’? Because that conversations will leads to another problem of that person, which you may not or will never understand the reason.

And it’s absolutely body-shaming.


Body shaming is the act or practice of humiliating someone based on their body type by making critical and/or mocking statements about their body shape, size, etc. A lot of media has framed the ideal picture of a woman is the one who has a sexy body, white skin and long hair. And, sorry to say, there are many social media platforms through its public comments also highly contribute the act of bullying and body shaming individuals for their appearance. Am I wrong, if I said that currently, media has contributed how we define a woman looking beautiful? And how our culture actually really love those thin and white women, which we can see it in print ads, video, movie, magazine, etc.


In our society, that kind of acts has been rooted since long time ago, it’s even has become the usual or common thing which done by closest friends who is shaming their friends like that. They think it’s fine to do body-shaming like that with their friends as an act that we-so-called-being-honest, but the fact, it is still considered not cool. At all.

Here is why I, you and we HAVE TO STOP body shaming:

  1. FYI, it’s not cool at all: Let me know is there a good thing that comes out of putting someone else down? By calling they are fat, too skinny, too many acne or any other negative things, it only creates hostility between you and other people around you. Me, myself never heard that bullying will solve any issues, no never. Not even to invites people to change their lifestyle so they will look perfect as you want. If you want to advise someone or your friend about their health, tell them by express your concerns without using that disgusting words. And nah, not in a social media.
  2. It can lead to their psychologies: People is different, how we look at people are different too! We never know someone that we bullying, may have a very sad story in their life. They may have such difficult times, to fight and reach life that they want. For someone with low self-esteem by listening how fat or skinny they are could make a very bad impact on their psychologies. They will think that they are not good enough to be with a handsome boy or beautiful girls because they think, they’re just physically not good enough. It also leads to hate. Hate about people which said that they’re ugly or at worst, hating themselves.
  3. Impact of their eating disorders: it also includes their eating disorders impact, such as; anorexia, bulimia, etc. In the Western world, anorexia is a very very serious problem. It is also highest mortality rate of mental illness in the world. I’ve ever watched a Netflix movie “To the Bone” with Lily Collins as the main actress. The movie was trying to show how is it like to live with anorexia nervosa and how they really struggling to face it. From that movie, I suddenly realized how is actually feel difficult to be like them. There are people who really want to be skinny so that they try so many diets tricks, but the other even have to fight and struggle to get their normal weight. But there is also another people who simply just want to continue their life, without having to think about what people said about them. I really love Demi Lovato and Ashley Graham, they are two of inspiring women for me. Demi is only one of the hundreds of actresses who has struggled with her bulimia and eating disorders for years. It must be hard for her to recovery from eating disorders. And Ashley… she just perfectly beautiful for me. As a body activist, she wants to empower women to fight with their body insecurity and how to love their own body. And I really love how she can be very confident with herself and showing that self-acceptance is way more important.
  4. Adding more enemies: if you really want to have and make some friends with people, just simply stop body-shaming them. We have enough problem in this world, just stop being controlling and telling people why and how they should live their lives. Stop give comments about what people look alike on their vlogs, stop hating people just by their looks without you really know about them, it is just not your job to scrutinize them.
  5. Stop ruins someone’s life: you really never know how someone who has low self-esteem can live their life, right? Making them feel that they just not worth in this world, also can be very dangerous. Dealing with this negativity is very tiring, we all know it. We never know how vulnerable they are. Lot of news I heard, girls committing suicide just simply they got bullied for being fat, skinny, or their sexual orientation is different. So stop ruining someone’s life!
  6. Increasing insecurity, decreasing self-esteem: I probably one of the hundreds of girls who sometimes still have low self-esteem, even from outside I look very ignorant. And I also have this insecurity feeling about everything, including about what people say and think about me. I always have the feeling that maybe I am the one who just too overthinking because I still experience it even until now. But seriously, being bullied by people around you will definitely contribute to this.
  7. What you plant now, you will harvest later: if you plant negativity, then that’s what you will get in return, vice versa. So stop body shaming and bullying, we just don’t want if this will contribute to our next generations. Love yourself first, before love other people.

Keep your self-love, self-acceptance and always be confident of what you look like with all our diverse shapes and colours, will make us fight back against bodies image on the media. Watch this short video, which still relatable with this post.

Love, Astrid.





Stardust by Bridestory Fair 2018

Seneng banget akhirnya bisa datang juga ke Bridestory Fair 2018! Kali ini event nya diselenggarakan di Grand Ballroom di Sheraton Hotel, Gandaria City. Mumpung dekat dari rumah juga, jadi emang udah niat banget untuk datang ke acara ini dari jauh-jauh hari. Apa sih Bridestory Fair?

Yes, it is an annual wedding fair which held by Bridestory.  Rata-rata memang yang datang dan berkunjung ke pameran ini tentu adalah pasangan muda yang tahun ini akan menyelenggarakan pernikahan, ada yang juga datang dengan orang tua, teman, sahabat, ataupun keponakan, kayak saya ini. Jadi, jangan heran kalau di beberapa foto ada ‘penampakan’ dari wujud keponakan saya.

Okay, let’s go back to the Bridestory fair!

Saya suka banget sama tema Bridestory Fair tahun ini, yaitu stardust. Kita bisa lihat hampir di seluruh ruangan Ballroom yang disulap dengan kerlap-kerlip lampu bak bintang-bintang di malam hari. Bahkan lebih serunya lagi ada satu ruangan yang di sulap benar-benar seperti kita berada di luar angkasa yang bertaburan dengan bintang-bintang.

Kira-kira kayak diatas penampakannya. Keren banget sih emang kalau dibayangin pernikahan dengan dekorasi kayak di atas ini. Dekorasi ini hasil karya dari Suryanto Decoration dan Lightworks.

Terdapat sekitar 100 wedding vendors yang berpartisipasi dalam pameran kali ini. Mulai dari wedding consultant service, wedding planner and organizer, photographers, wedding decorations, wedding costuems, seserahan decorations, wedding cakes, wedding invitations, dan masih banyak lainnya. Hampir semuanya bikin mupeng bangeeet! Suka banget sama desain-desain dan tema-tema yang ditampilkan di dalam Bridestory fair tahun ini. Kebetulan karena saya berniat untuk menyelenggarakan pernikahan pertengahan tahun ini, jadi memang lagi mencari banyak inspirasi dan referensi baik dari pameran pernikahan maupun dari orang-orang terdekat. Saya juga akan coba share beberapa vendors yang cukup menarik buat saya di postingan saya kali ini ya!

Saya sempat menyambangi beberapa vendors, dan sebenarnya lebih tertarik dengan beberapa vendor seperti wedding cake, decoration dan invitations sih! Ternyata trend saat ini benar-benar berkembang pesat dari beberapa tahun sebelumnya. Inovasi-inovasi terbaru pun kini mulai membanjiri, ide-ide out of the box bisa dengan mudah kita temui di beberapa vendor pernikahan yang ada di Bridestory Fair 2018 kali ini!

Kayak yang satu ini nih, vendor ini salah satu vendor yang terbilang unik! Mereka terkenal dengan gaya undangan yang menggunakan material acrylic.


Premium Invitation made by acrylic
The Vows



Nah, ini vendor yang memproduksi premium invitation made from acrylic!


Awalnya saya sih sudah sempat melihat beberapa inspirasi undangan pernikahan seperti yang mereka produksi diatas ini di inspirational board yang ada di Pinterest saya. Tapi begitu lihat aslinya, ternyata bener-bener keren banget! Soal harga memang terbilang mahal, untuk 1 set bos invitation nya di bandroll sekitar Rp 173.900,- dengan minimum pemesanan untuk 200 undangan! But the price is worthed with the high-quality invitation that they made! Undangan ini tentu jadi kenangan tersendiri bagi si penerima, karena kita bisa menggunakan kembali acrylic box undangan tersebut.


Installation collab by Pyaraphoto x Bitte Design Studio

Nah, kalau diatas salah satu instalasi pameran dari salah satu wedding photographer yang sudah cukup ternama di belantara Bridestory. Kamu bisa cek juga profile Instagram nya for more portfolios! 

Beautiful cakes decoration by “Gordon Blue Cake”

Selain vendor undangan pernikahan, saya juga menemukan dekorasi kue pernikahan yang cantiiiik sekali. Selain wedding cake, Gordon Blue ini juga punya kreasi lainnya, ada macaroon wedding cake, dan lain-lainnya. Pokoknya cake jaman now banget deh, anyway udah ada yang udah pernah coba ini?


Anyway karena ini merupakan wedding fair pertama yang aku kunjungi, ternyata pernikahan jaman now benar-benar menguras duit ya? Beberapa waktu lalu dan hingga saat ini, maraknya tema wedding rustic yang terkenal dengan desain barang-barang antik dan bekas. Cukup menarik, bagi pasangan yang memilih tema klasik untuk pernikahannya.

Mempersiapkan pernikahan saat ini apa-apa terlihat seperti harus mahal dan glamour. Padahal hal yang lebih penting lainnya, kita sendiri yang harus pandai-pandai memilih dekorasi dan kebutuhan pernikahan dengan matang. Jangan memilih sesuatu yang kita inginkan saja, tapi harus cerna betul apa yang benar-benar kita butuhkan. Itulah yang saat ini saya rasakan, penting juga untuk selalu mendiskusikan every details of the wedding preparation with our significant other. Jangan sampai, salah satu dari kita memaksakan kehendak masing-masing, sampai akhirnya jadi pemicu permasalahan di hubungan kita ya.

Menurut teman-teman, tema pernikahan apa ya yang bakalan ramai di tahun 2018 ini? Jangan lupa komen di bawah ini ya..


What does it feel to be a women pedestrians in Jakarta?

Yes, maybe for some of you who ever been visited Jakarta or at least read any news in online social media ever heard about this kind of issue. Jakarta is a big city, yes even almost as big as Singapore, let say.

In some of the Southeast Asian countries, we might have this common problem about pedestrian in the capital city. Jakarta is one of the big city in Indonesia, which half of its people either using private transportations (like, car or motorcycle) and public transportation (bus, the commuter line, taxi, angkotojek online, etc).  According to the Jakarta Post, as of 2017, there are about 4.8 million cars in Jakarta and about 13.6 million motorcycles.

Yes, it’s big numbers, right?

I actually one of Transjakarta users in which also quite often to access pedestrian road. Transjakarta itself is the name of bus company which own by our local government here. I am working in the central part of Jakarta, where some part of the area has very good pedestrian way, but the other part still worst even not accessible to walk just because of there is a lot of development nearby or hijacked by motorcycle users.

This is one of the problems to walk in a pedestrian way in Jakarta. A lot of motorcycles users take pedestrian way to avoid a heavy traffic jam on the road. Besides that, you will see a lot of food stalls or trucks parked in pedestrian, in which you will feel either annoyed by them or tempted to buy what they sell (but anyway, it’s unhealthy). There are just a few problems which commonly happens in Jakarta, but actually, the main problem which happens to women pedestrians even far beyond of it.

This week, to be exact on 22nd of January is known as National Pedestrian Day in Indonesia. And I would like to share my experiences also maybe a lot of women experiences dealing with the pedestrian road in Jakarta.

Cat-calling. Girls, be prepared for this! You might hear a lot of guys on the street will tease you by whistle or call you with ‘Mba.. Mba’ or even ‘Neng, neng..’ its a nickname to call girl like Miss, in English. They even often look at you from head to toe, just because you wearing a casual cloth which they thought intentionally to see their attention.

Yes, it sucks, I know.

Sexual harassment. I never had this kind of experience, but I knew some friends or heard some girls who experienced this kind of thing. Last year I heard, there was a woman was sexually assaulted in one of crossing bridge in Pondok Indah, it’s nearby in a place where I live. In Indonesia, this kind of assaults can take place even in a very crowded area, even also in a daylight. Unfortunately, in Indonesia, it is such an epidemic and we still don’t have legal protection for sexual harassment.

For women, walking in a big city like Jakarta absolutely will face double risk. First, you never knew when you walk on the sidewalks, you could be raided by motorcycle users. Secondly, you can also be sexually abused.

According to the Thomson Reuters Foundation report frankly said Jakarta had the fifth-most dangerous public transportation system for women in the world and the second in Asian countries, after New Delhi, India.

I don’t mean to make my readers feel worried or afraid to visit Jakarta after you guys reading this. But I want to raise this issue to be our common concern and working together to stop sexual harassment… everywhere! And please, also respect our rights as a woman as well as a pedestrian.






#9th Review: The Pod (Boutique Capsule Hostel), Singapore

It’s always nice to welcoming weekend after long busy work-days!

Who’s agree with me now?

Still, about Singapore, this weekend I am going to give you another reference about one of boutique capsule hostel in there. Singapore is very well known for its expensive prices for everything, including for a hotel. Therefore, they have initiated to make and build a lot of capsule hostel in town. Most of the times, tourists who visit Singapore only for short times for holiday, they usually prefer to book a B&B (or bed and breakfast with a bunk bed) hostel.

Image result for bunk bed hostel singapore
Bunk bed hostel in Singapore (Source by Pinterest)

That is why I am going to show you one of hostel recommendation that I ever stayed in Singapore for your holiday reference.

It’s The Pod, the boutique capsule hostel.

The location of this hostel is located in Beach Road area. It is the same area with one of the most well-known areas in Singapore, called Arab Village.


The Entrance of The Pod Boutique Hostel
Check-in Machine System

The entrance of the boutique hostel is just like any other hostels in Singapore, located in a small narrow building. The lobby of the hotel is located on the 3rd floor, where you can find the receptionist. That time, I arrived around 10pm, so I went to check-in directly with the receptionist, but the staff said that in here we can do self-check-in by utilized their machine system. We have to input our name, contact number, passport number, and even paid directly either by the card or cash. I paid by cash last time because I only stayed one night and it cost around SGD 91 or equal to IDR 900.000 or equal to EUR 56.

For Indonesian people, it still considers expensive. As I booked for the Deluxe Single Pod, but the price it’s already included a breakfast and tax.

Then after finished check-in, they prepared my room card also in the machine to activate it. After that, the staff was accompanied me to the room that I booked. It is the same floor as the lobby, and since they used half carpet and floor, so it’s an obligation for us to not using our shoes or sandals, and they even provide the locker to keep our shoes in the entrance.

Then I walked in the alley and my room is located in the same area with other Deluxe Single Pod areas. So this is how it looks…

So many doors in there and my room located in the right corner of the room. Don’t be surprised as you will see how small my room is in the next picture.



The bunk bed


They have a small cabinet under the bed and provide me with the towel and hanger



This is how we access the bunk bed, by the stairs!



The bed is in upper side and the small desk under 
This is how we access the bunk bed, by the stairs!


Yes, this is how it looks for the Deluxe Single Pod in the boutique capsule hostel, The Pod. Actually, they have a very good and reliable service and very helpful staff!

Yes, it is very unique, right? Actually, I used to stay many times in the bunk bed or hostels like this during my stay in Singapore. Since it is a good option to avoid the expensive price and another way to mingle with another backpacker. I met by accident with tourists from around the world during my stay in the hostel or any bed and breakfast place. Only a few of them I still keep in touch until now.

It is one of good reason whether if you want to practice your language skills or just want to have so many friends during your travel.

This boutique capsule hostel is very good for people who just want to explore Singapore for very short times and wants to go for backpacker options.

Last time, I went to Singapore only for one-day business purposes, so I prefer to stay in the boutique hostel which located in the central area and of course close to the MRT green-line.

Beside very cute and small bedroom, their bathroom also very cute one! I really like the wall and its clean toilet and shower room.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the Deluxe Pod, they provide 4 bathrooms for us, but still, we have to patiently wait for the queue in the morning as people will go outside and enjoy Singapore!

Their breakfast is so so for me, well it’s a standard breakfast if you stay at the capsule hostel. They provide bread, croissant, instant noodle, orange juice, sausage, cookies, cappuccino machine, cereals, and milk. I met with travelers which came from another country in the breakfast area.

They usually start the breakfast from 06.30 until 09.30 am

The location of this boutique capsule hostel is only 700 meters from the MRT Station Bugis area. Which closed to one of the most famous shopping places where you can visit all day until around 10 pm. You can find almost anything in this area, from clothing, resto, cafe, bar, supermarket, souvenir place, etc.


Souvenir’s heaven place on Earth



Bugis Food Street where you can find street food and fresh drink


I will recommend to my lovely blog readers to try to stay in The Pod Boutique Capsule Hostel both for holiday and business. I give a score 8.5 out of 10!

The Pod, Boutique Capsule Hostel

289 Beach Rd, Singapore 199552



Bonus features:

There are a little bit tips and trick an easier way and strategic place where you can stay in Singapore for those who want to enjoy the city to the fullest, but don’t want to take more time on the street to go and back to the airport! The best place to stay is close to the MRT green line because it goes the same line with the MRT to Changi Airport.

Basically, it’s very easy to understand the MRT line in Singapore and you can also easily move from another place to another, since its very small city/country.

But, it’s good if you try to find a place to stay which close to the famous landmark or at least, the shopping place. I’ve ever stayed in Little India, Chinatown, Arab village, and Lavender Street. Those are very close to the shopping places and very close to the MRT station.

Click ‘like’ if you enjoy my review and please write your comment down below if you want to know more about Singapore through my lens!






WITT #26: First post in 2018!

Well, everybody will definitely say this on their social media, just right after the new year 2018! Who’s agree with me now?

In here, where everyone is enjoying barbeque time with family, dinner with their loved ones and hanging out with their friends, I’ve always chosen to be here, staying in my home, well technically in my lovely big bed, listening to the sound of many fireworks around my neighbourhood and this year… ‘enjoying’ my flu and fever. 

I forgot since when I am extremely rare to go out during New Year, maybe after I graduated in 2012. Not because I don’t have friends to go out, but I just not really into ‘the celebration’ of the new year. For me, I prefer to stay at home, contemplate what I’ve been done this year, what I did to others, and what I will do in 2018.

Since 2014, I got chances to travel a lot inside and outside the country, I’ve gained so many experiences and many lessons learned almost every day, had chances to meet new networks and friends. Well, pretty much more than I have expected in my every New Year Resolutions and I feel very grateful for what I’ve been through.

2018 will be a year that I will start a new journey and a new phase of life with someone that I love the most! We just hope everything will run smoothly and everything will be fine as we expected. I also hope that I will have chances to travel around the world, of course, this year will be with my plus one.

So, what is your New Year resolution? You definitely can share your thoughts with me in comments below.

Oh anyway, a very happy NEW YEAR to all my readers!

Let’s hit another dream and make it happen!


17 Favourite Playlists throughout the Year

While we are counting to the New Year and since I am still on my holiday, I would like to share my favourite song playlists throughout 2017 to all my readers. These songs are already accompanied me during my works at the office, home, airport, plane, well practically almost everywhere. Since I really love music, so I actually could have a better concentration and focus by listening good music.

So here I am listing my favourite playlists which I recap from my iTunes charts which I already heard for hundreds and dozens of times throughout 2017:

  1. Tell me you love me by Demi Lovato
  2. Echame la Culpa by Luis Fonsi & Demi Lovato
  3. Perfect by Ed Sheeran feat Beyonce Knowles
  4. All falls down by Noah Cyrus feat. Alan Walker
  5. Let me go by Hailee Steinfeld feat. Florida Georgia Line
  6. …Ready for it by Taylor Swift
  7. Meant to be by Bebe Rexha feat. Florida Georgia Line
  8. Havana by Camila Cabello feat. Young Thug
  9. I miss you by Clean Bandit feat. Julia Michaels
  10. Issues by Julia Michaels
  11. Boys by Charli XCX
  12. No promises by Demi Lovato feat. Cheat Code
  13. Bedroom floor by Liam Payne
  14. Power by Little Mix
  15. Rain by The Script
  16. Stay by Zedd and Alessia Cara
  17. Back to you by Bebe Rexha and Lous Tomlinson

So, those are my playlists that I really liked to listen all the times both through my phone and my laptop. For me, listening to music makes me more relaxed, calm and can have a better focus to do some works and even during thinking about ideas and writing my blog posts.

Who’s agree with me now?


WITT #25: No more using MAS!

I would like to share with you about my experience used Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight company. So this was not my first experience using this airline company, but sorry to say, I think it will be my last time using this airline. I have heard so many people complaining about this airline because of the airline quite famous for their delayed or cancelled schedule and also their delayed baggage ‘services’.

And it just happened to me yesterday! I did not found my suitcase once I landed in Jakarta from Manila. So this is what happened before…

Friday, 15 December 2017

– 10.30 am (Manila time): I arrived at Ninoy International Airport Terminal 1, where Malaysia Airlines located in. I have online checked-in through their website, so I thought I just need to print my ticket there because I don’t want to put any baggage. But then the staff said that I have to put my cabin suitcase in their baggage because the weight is up to 12 kilograms. But I said “I just need one hour transfer time in KL, can you make sure that the baggage will arrive in time in Jakarta?” and she replied, “No worries, Mam. We will prioritize your baggage with the tag.” then she showed us the tag ‘HOT TRANSFER’ with a pink colour. Then finally I have to let them put my cabin suitcase in the baggage.

– 13.14 (Manila time): Our flight MH807 starts to take-off!

– 17.15 (KL time): Landed in Kuala Lumpur. I had to run once I walked out from the airplane, because my transit time is only for an hour, and it already passed around 15 minutes or so because the flight a little bit delayed. Fortunately, from KL to Jakarta it’s located at the same terminal but different a few gate numbers.

I was in a rush because actually I only have time around 25-30 minutes to finally boarding to another plane. Once I found the Gate H2, I went to the toilet first before I enter the security check.

I always have had the feeling that I really afraid my suitcase will do not have enough time to be moved to my other flight to Jakarta.

Then, yes, what I always thoughts is right.

What I always worried, it happened to me.

– 20.00 – 21.00 WIB (Jakarta time): I have safely landed at Soetta Airport, I walked a lil bit faster to go to the Autogate Immigration then to the baggage belt.  The first belt baggage came with a sign ‘Priority Baggage’, so I was thinking mine will be there. After waiting for 30 minutes, I couldn’t found my suitcase, then finally I realised that the sticker baggage already changed to AirAsia. Then I checked with the airport staff, and he said, the last baggage for Malaysia Airlines is already done 15 minutes ago! And I was like, WHAAAT… There are still around 10 people (more or less) who still waiting for the bag with me, stand nearby the gate even sat in the trolley. The staff escorted us to the ‘Lost and Found’ office, where a lot of people also had the same problem with me.

Their complaints were the same. This is strange because even the airport staff already gave our suitcases with ‘HOT TRANSFER’ and ‘PRIORITY’ tags, but it did not affect anything. Why they have still left our baggage in KL?

These are tags that they put it in my suitcase!

If the reason because of short transit that we had, they might have to change and improve their service to be faster or at least put more attention to detail. Don’t blame your passengers and says it’s our risk who booked flight tickets with a very short transfer, but with their tight schedule, they have to improve their service tho.

Saturday, 16 December 2017

– 12.00 pm: I called their office which located in the Soekarno Hatta International Airport Terminal 2 D, and she said, that my suitcase still did not find yet.

– 02.00 pm: They called me back and said that my suitcase has been found and they will send it directly to my home.

After waiting for almost 7 hours, I did not receive any call from them, so I thought to call their office again. They promised to call the agent and let me know when my suitcase will be delivered.

Even finally my suitcase was arrived, around 23.00 almost midnight, but I still feel confused why this kind of thing can happen (?)

I really hope MAS will improve their services because I heard about this not only a few times, but many times, even my boss and my colleague also experienced the same with me.

Is there anyone here who also experienced the same? Share your comment down below!


WITT #24: We meet again, Dec!


Finally, we are in the last month of 2017!

Even I am not celebrating Christmas but I always love to welcome December. The peak season of many things, specifically for work. From my experiences, we usually have a lot of works to do 3-months before the end of the year. This month I will still keep busy with giving a training, organize the conference, finalize some reports, etc.

Recently, I also was thinking about to make my blog into a business, instead of only to share my thoughts, hobbies, and feelings. I want to make something different from my routines working schedule and inspire my readers from what I wrote and what I create. Therefore, I won’t stop learning, reading, doing some research and really hope one day I can make a good business of what I really love to do.

Since I was a little, my parents always let me study or learned by myself. They weren’t always demanding me to be what they want and let me choose what I really want and need for myself. Most of the times, they were busy with their 9 to 5 work and almost rare to accompany me, even just to finish my homework. That time, I always thought that I cannot make it, gave up etc, but fortunately, it always gave me more spirit to bring out the best of me and show to them, that I can be better children and will always make them proud of me.

I was always kept myself busy with my friends, joined and involved in many organizations when I was in the university. Many ups and downs of my study, friendship, relationship and a lot of difficulties I had already experienced. I did not realize that it gives me a strength to face every problem wisely and to know what is the best for myself. Even, sometimes I also complaining and whining, but then I feel grateful for what I have and many experienced I’ve ever been through.

So for you who live in a good and having a prosperous life, don’t forget to always feel grateful and enjoy your life to the fullest.

See you very very soon, 2018!

With love,


Another 24h in Singapore

Back in 2013, when I visited Singapore for the first time when I worked in one of architecture and interior design book publisher based in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was also my first time traveled to a foreign country in Asean, as well as in the world. Since then, I often went to Singapore for few months, few weeks, or even just stayed less than 24 hours.

Yes, less than 24 hours.

MRT Station in Changi Airport
A very clean MRT


Another very clean area inside the MRT

Maybe some of you also have an experience like me. It was a tough job, I admitted. I had to go to Singapore for less than 24 hours sometimes only brought books to our distributor in Singapore or had a meeting with some architects and partners in there. I even was joined with the architect tour in Singapore, it was an activity initiated and organized by my publisher company. Since then, I am very familiar with Singapore streets, café, restaurant, specifically places which identically with good architecture and interior design buildings.

A very clean and well-organized parking lot in Arab village area
Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station area and right-part is the Visual Art Centre

And since that too, I feel like Singapore already became one of my favorite countries to visit. Don’t ask me why, because I know you must have said, “Singapore is a very expensive country in Asia!” or “There are so many regulations in Singapore! You will get fine easily with the law enforcement.”

Yes, unfortunately, that’s the truth.

But you have to see Singapore beyond those kinds of things. Beyond expensive prices, high buildings, so many and tight regulations, Singapore has their own beauty.

Well, every country does.

I love the cleanliness of the country, the pedestrian, the environment, and their rich cultures from Arab, India, Melayu, Chinese, Asian and Western! You even can see so many different cultures and races from around the world only in Singapore (at least from my perspective).

I have my own favorite spots in Singapore both for hangout or just to stroll around the city, there are China Town, Bugis, Boat Quay, Esplanade Park, and Kampong Glam (Arab Village).


Boat Quay with Anderson Bridge views
One of the oldest hotel in Singapore, Fullerton Hotel

For all of you, who already went to Singapore, must be very similar to those places I mentioned above.

But, did you ever try to visit those areas only within 24 hours? I did.

Well, more than 5 times I guessed.

Just a few weeks ago, I went to Singapore and arrived around 9 pm, more or less. That was after 3 years or more, I guess since I went to Singapore last time. I feel good to be back. And I thought I already forgot the street and places in there, but I was wrong. Surprisingly, I still knew very clearly every spot in Singapore and every MRT stations.

Once I arrived there, I went directly to the hostel, which called The Pod. It is located on Beach Road in Arab Village area. The location is very good and I knew this boutique hostel long time ago, but I just had a chance to go there last time. Almost midnight, I felt very hungry because I was not eating very well for dinner, so I went to the Kampong Glam café just behind my hostel. I bought fish and chips and Ice Kopicinno. And oh my God, I really loooooooved the Kopicinno! It wasn’t because I feel very hungry or thirsty, but I really love the taste. Somehow it’s very sweet because of the milk, but the coffee is strong too. It was very good to stay in that area because you can easily get some places to eat or drink during the night.


Now, please let me know where is your favorite place in Singapore? And why you liked it?